Youtube deleteing all Global Domains Payment Proof Videos.

It would appear that Youtube has decided to delete GDI Payment Proof videos by the masses.  I have had 2 of my payment proof videos deleted that were Global Domains related and just in the last hour they have now disabled my Youtube User account preventing me from uploading any new videos as well as deleting every single one of my videos.

While I understand that Youtube doesn’t want SPAM clogging up their network they should really have investigated this a little better than they have done, given that all of my videos were original content and I was merely showing and helping people to understand GDI better and actually get signups using this program, they were in no way promotional content but tutorials that contained payment proof to show people that I was definately being paid on a regular basis by Global Domains.

I noticed while searching for these Global Domains videos uploaded by other users that a lot of them were “keyword stuffing” their titles for the videos which again I did not do on my own videos, so again this was not something they must of looked at when they decided to do their mass video delete.

I recommend people to not put all their eggs in the same basket when it comes to Internet Marketing and this is a perfect example of how quickly your online business could come crashing down.  In the past 2 weeks alone I have had a ton of Hubs over at Hubpages closed down and now this, luckily I have a lot of other sources of organic traffic but I can still see that these 2 sources will certainly have an impact on my signups with Global Domains.