Still plenty of unanswered questions into the disappearance of Flight MH370.

Someone must have the answers to these questions.


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1. Why did Rolls Royce’s announcement that the plane’s engines ran for five hours after it was “lost” suddenly disappear from the news coverage.
2. What plausible account is there for the bizarre changes in flight path.
3. Why were there absolutely no cell phone calls made by the passengers when they must have known about the radical change in route (and yes the plane was equipped for those calls)
3. Why would the captain use a flight simulator to make multiple test landings on Diego Garcia when his normal work would never take him there.
4. Isn’t the most likely reason the plane climbed to 44,000 feet to be above normal flight traffic and thereby avoid a collision as the Doppler radar was turned off.
5. Why did it take 15 minutes to switch off the aircraft’s systems.
6. Why is there never any discussion about the 21 Chinese cyber warfare specialists on board the flight and who might benefit from their demise.