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If you are wondering how Tissa Godavitarne keeps getting on the GDI Leaderboards week after week earning $1,000+ in bonuses each and every week then I am going to tell you.

Tissa Godavitarne is using a system which he calls the ACME People Search Engine.  He offers some very nice bonuses when you register including a $125 credit and advertising through Google.

This system generates tons of new GDI signups and this is why Tissa Godavitarne can appear on the GDI leaderboard each week.

In fact most of the names that you see appear on the GDI Leaderboards are using a system, whether it be the ACME People Search, the Bear Marketing System or perhaps the Spiderweb Marketing System they all get signups because they follow a marketing system.

I am going to share with you some secrets that I use to get signups every week.  I have built quite a large downline of members in my time with GDI and now I have been successful because I share my knowledge with my team.

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