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OK… now that’s over you can go here and see the top 25 jobs for 2015
Link: http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2015/01/…

Depending on your personal situation these jobs could be a good thing for you to go after. Personally, I took another path and it turned out great for me. If for some reason you can’t go after one of these careers maybe you should look into making money online.

There are TONS of different opportunities to make money online but there are tons of scams and
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Look, everyone is different and I don’t know what path is right for you but it’s great to know you have options right? So, don’t give up on your dreams, who knows maybe you can make huge money… again I don’t know YOU but if someone told me (back in the day) I would be making this kind of money from home (or anywhere with a laptop) I would have thought they were insane.

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Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life,