If you have ever wanted to create your own Ebooks online and give them away or perhaps even sell them then you definatey need to take a look at this helpful software. It is the latest creation from a guy named James Grandstaff who you may be familiar with if you have seen the Instant MLM Squeeze Pages website. Yes it is the same guy but now he is back with the Viral PDF Generator.

Basically the Viral PDF Generator is software that you use to customise PDF’s. If you have been creating ebooks for a while and have tried using them with giveaway rights etc you will notice that you don’t always have the best response. The truth is noone wants to give away your reports / ebooks with your affiliate links throughout them while you sit back and earn the money. I mean really why would anyone do that? But what about if there was a way that they could then put their affiliate links into the ebook and give it away. They would want to work a lot harder at it now wouldn’t they, afterall there is money to be made for them now.

So how could you benefit from this, if they are replacing your affiliate links with their own? Well what about if you sold your rebranding rights for lets just say $17. You give 3 people a copy of the Ebook with their own affiliate links inside, btw (this is all automated by the Viral PDF Generator you never need to do a single thing other than create the Ebook in the first place). So those 3 people are now out in the market giving away your free report with their links in it working harder than usual because now there is something in it for them!!! Those 3 people each get 3 more people involved in it. You then have 9 people buy rebranding rights off you at $17 and so on. As you can see your report is now becoming very popular.

There is no reason why you couldn’t include an Opt-in list within the report as well so as more people sign up for the Rebranded ebook you created they also join your mailing list and we all know how important and successful a mailing list can be for your future sales.

If you want more information or want to watch a full explanation video on the Viral PDF Generator Ebook software Click here now.