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easy free income review scam

“Easy Free Income Review”

Well a lot of you will have come across the Easy Free Income System online if you have ever looked for ways to make money online. In fact even if you haven’t searched for making money there is a big chance you have seen this website anyway. It always seems to pop up down the side of Google in the Google Adwords Section.

Is it a scam? Well I believe this is by far one of the biggest scams I have seen on the Internet and have spent many hours researching various forums and other discussion groups as well as trialling the Easy Free Income System myself. There is no possible way to make money from this system in the long run. Reading through the stories there are people that have lost big money following these Easy Free Income steps. This guy preys on the vulnerable and at a time where many of us are taking extra steps to support our families given the recent credit crisis etc.

There are plenty of money making systems out there that can be obtained for free. I would recommend keeping away from survey companies that require you to pay a signup fee.

I use a method to make money that runs through my Paypal account and makes me $37 payments which I get regularly. It is a straight forward simple system but some of the most simple systems out there can make you money. It is a free ebook that explains the whole method to you.

If you want a copy of the free ebook on making money online then visit that site.

Update June 2016. The Ultimate Supertip is still working. Another Payment this morning June 18th in Sydney, Australia.

ref25 special link two price option Ultimate Supertip

Made $37USD Paypal Payment Proof from Ultimate Supertip ref25

There are many making money systems out there that do work but I can assure you that the Easy Free Income is not one of them. The only person you will be making money for is the website owner. You will notice that you have to hand over your email address in exchange for the free system but then they have your email address to send out future emails and get you spending money.

Clickbank Full Profit $37

Harvey Segal Paypal Clickbank Full Profit Payment Proof. Made another $37 USD

If you are after a money making opportunity that does actually work, I can share one with you. I provide information free of charge for making money on the internet. I also have a guide available on Promoting Click Bank Products and making money with them available. To see it visit my Free Clickbank Training hub. Also be sure to check out the hub on how I made $1,000 in a month marketing with EzineArticles. Just remember there are plenty of ways to make money online but there are also plenty of people lurking around ready to grab your money at the first opportunity they can, which is one of the reasons why I provide free information on making money online. I remember when I first tried to make money online I was conned out of my hard earned money a few times until I discovered that there is so much useful information on the internet and it doesn’t even cost you a cent!!!


I am going to give you the blueprint to make over $500 a week each and every week with Clickbank.

This blueprint is not about promoting with EzineArticles but with their competition.  Articlesbase has a very quick turnaround time in getting each of your articles approved where EzineArticles takes a fair bit of time in most cases more than a week.

Articlesbase requires approval just like Ezinearticles for each of your articles but after 15 articles you can then write unlimited auto approved articles meaning that your articles go live immediately which will provide you with both traffic and if you choose your clickbank product wisely you will also get some sales.

Look at Clickbank Gravity and don’t go for high competition Clickbank Products to start with as this will just make getting the sale harder.  I find as a good guide that if you choose a clickbank product with a gravity of around 10 – 50 you know it sells but there is not a lot of people selling it meaning that the product is not saturated with internet marketers flooding their customers email inboxes with offers etc.

Next look at the website of the product you wish to promote and have a look at the salescopy.  You want to make sure it is well written and is going to grab your customers attention.

Also be sure to look at the price of the product, I find that products between $17 and $47 convert the best.

Next I want you to go over to the Google External Keyword Tool and research your clickbank products keywords to make sure that there is not a lot of competition, you need a keyword with that is searched 1,000 or more times a month but is low in competition.

You then need to find 5 Clickbank Products like this.  I can do all my research on 5 Clickbank Products within an hour and be ready to start writing my articles.

Ok so next you need to start submitting 2 review articles for each of your products.  That means you will have 10 articles out there by the end of the day.

Promote your articles through Facebook, Twitter and other social bookmarking.  You may even be able to get a good deal of Fiverr to pay someone to write the articles for you so you can spend your time searching for new clickbank products to promote.

Use Titles like these

“Hubpages Ebook Review”
“Hubpages by Benjamin King”
“Hubpages by Benjamin King – Is it a Scam”

By using these titles you know you already have people interested in the product you are promoting you just have to get them to buy.


Learn how I have been getting sales with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip using Hubpages. I have also been doing affiliate marketing with Clickbank and using Hubpages to bring traffic to my Clickbank products. I am now averaging $50 a week . While this might not seem like a lot of money to most Internet Marketers it just goes to show that a simple method left to run on autopilot can still bring in money week after week.

Marketing Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip no Scam – Traffic through Hubpages plus Clickbank Earnings

A lot of people ask if Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip is a scam well looking at the Paypal Proof that I have provided you with should show you that this ebook does work and that it is pretty easy to giveaway as well.

I have promoted many affiliate programs including GDI (Global Domains International) and recently I started promoting this through Brian Bears (Bear Marketing System). I also have promoted this through Hubpages with a great deal of success.

Learning the Google External Keyword Tool can also be very benificial to your Hubpages rankings but that on its own is definately not enough to get you ranking high within the search engines (well for competitive keywords anyway)


Paypal Payment Proof of $37 Payments – Harvey Segal

Thinking about signing up for Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Free Ebook but not quite sure on how these $10 and $37 payments work? Well I can answer it for you.  I signed up for The Ultimate Supertip Ebook back in 2009 and wrote a couple of articles on how I was going to test out the method.  In fact I have a Hubpage dedicated to Harvey Segal – Ultimate Supertip Ebook.  This ebook was all about how Harvey Segal threw away the need for relying on the search engines and went in search of his own marketing method to attract visitors to his website. What he came up with was a genius internet marketing idea that would see him earn a lot of money. 

It doesn’t stop there though, Harvey Segal is a very smart Internet Marketer and he knew that if he offered his customers a way that they could send traffic Harveys way and make money with it well then he would have a huge amount of traffic.  This is where the Ultimate Supertip Ebook comes in.  It is a very useful ebook all about Clickbank and Affiliate Marketing but at the end of the ebook you will come across something that Harvey Segal has labelled as the “Magic Button”.  The Magic Button can earn you $10 and $37 Payments directly to your Paypal account everytime someone takes up the opportunity for membership with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook. 

Now some of you are probably thinking “Yeah but who is going to sign up for membership for this ebook when he is giving it away free”.  The answer is heaps of people and the reason for it is that you can only make money off the ebook if you sign up for membership.  I have proof of some of my earnings with the Ultimate Supertip and these proof earnings screenshots show my full name “Benjamin King” as well as the amount I was paid, depending on the level of membership that the customer took out.

PLEASE NOTE: That if a customer only takes out a $10 membership then they are only entitled to receive $10 per membership no matter if the customer signs up for the $37 membership.  It is important to keep this in mind and if at all possible it is recommended that you take out the $37 membership to avoid this happening.  From my experience with giving away the Ultimate Supertip, most people take the $37 membership option anyway. 

How to Market the Ultimate Supertip and Get Signups? There is endless ways to market this ebook but for some extra tips you might want to download my Free Marketing Guide by clicking here.


Learn more about Affiliate Marketing with my Hubpages Ebook

Watch this GDI Video by Brian Bear below for proof of payment!

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Harvey Segal Ultimate SuperTips – How to make money online giving away a product!

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See the proof that I am earning money through these methods here

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The Ultimate Supertip Scam – Is it a scam? See Proof Earnings here and the Free Ultimate Supertip Review

Thinking about signing up to the Ultimate Supertip by Harvey Segal but want to make sure this is a legitimate opportunity before spending your money.  Well then you have come to the right place.  I have all the proof in Paypal Earnings that this Ebook Magic Button System does indeed work.  I have already received plenty of $10 and $37 Payments from giving away this free ebook and have had the money deposited directly into my Paypal Account for me to withdraw to my bank account.

I also have a free report available by clicking here that will show you some free methods you can use to give away the Ultimate Supertip Ebook and make money with it.  I have been using several different free marketing methods to give away this ebook and have been very successful with it.

To check out the proof that I am earning with this Ultimate Supertip Ebook head across to the link provided here and have a look at the Paypal Proof for yourself.

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See the proof that I am earning money through these methods here

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I have compiled a list of free Internet Marketing Ebooks to get you started in your journey as an Affiliate Marketer online. Below is a must have guide to Affiliate Marketing in a free report.  Click here to download your free Internet Marketing Ebook Reports.

Internet Marketing Basics
If you’re not TOTALLY familiar with the BASICS of marketing online then you owe it to yourself to grab AND read this dynamic 39-page report by Shelley Lowery.  Click here to download

“30 Days To Internet Marketing Success” is taking the net by storm and for good reason. It’s been recommended by just about every online guru I’ve ever heard of and I agree with them totally. The demo features 37 pages of helpful advice that you will refer back to over and over again. Click here to download

Check out this Affiliate Marketing Video to see how you could be earning $10,000+ a month online

So you don’t know whether Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook is a Scam?

Click here to see Proof of income with this Ebook

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If you have come to this page you are probably trying to find out more about Harvey Segal and the Free Ebook he gives away called the Ultimate Supertip. 

So is it a scam?  The answer is no, he gives you the E-book completely free of charge with information that you can then use to make money online with affiliate marketing.  Harvey Segal does this because it means that he doesn’t have to rely on the search engines for traffic to his websites.  When you rely too heavily on the search engines for traffic it can sometimes go wrong and Harvey knows this.  By giving away a free ebook with his website advertised in it he is getting exposure to the site.

The Ultimate Supertip has a button called the Magic Button intergrated into the E-book which gives you the chance to earn off giving the ebook away free to people.  You can pay $10 or $37 depending on which payments you wish to receive to your Paypal account for giving the book away.  The way it works is that you give the ebook away to lets just say 100 people and 25 of them want to take up the opportunity to also make money out of the ebook.  If you have signed up for $37 payments then you could make $37 x 25 which is $925.  Now believe me that this is very possible and I have the proof to show you that I have been making a lot of money with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook. 

I definately recommend that if you do want to take advantage of the full $37 that you sign up for the $37 deal.  If you only sign up for the $10 deal then you are only able to get $10 from each customer which would mean that on 25 people you would only earn $250 instead of the $925.

There is also the opportunity to earn through Clickbank by giving this ebook away as well. 

To see proof of my earnings head over to Sales Proof I have Made Money with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip