So you don’t know whether Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook is a Scam?

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If you have come to this page you are probably trying to find out more about Harvey Segal and the Free Ebook he gives away called the Ultimate Supertip. 

So is it a scam?  The answer is no, he gives you the E-book completely free of charge with information that you can then use to make money online with affiliate marketing.  Harvey Segal does this because it means that he doesn’t have to rely on the search engines for traffic to his websites.  When you rely too heavily on the search engines for traffic it can sometimes go wrong and Harvey knows this.  By giving away a free ebook with his website advertised in it he is getting exposure to the site.

The Ultimate Supertip has a button called the Magic Button intergrated into the E-book which gives you the chance to earn off giving the ebook away free to people.  You can pay $10 or $37 depending on which payments you wish to receive to your Paypal account for giving the book away.  The way it works is that you give the ebook away to lets just say 100 people and 25 of them want to take up the opportunity to also make money out of the ebook.  If you have signed up for $37 payments then you could make $37 x 25 which is $925.  Now believe me that this is very possible and I have the proof to show you that I have been making a lot of money with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook. 

I definately recommend that if you do want to take advantage of the full $37 that you sign up for the $37 deal.  If you only sign up for the $10 deal then you are only able to get $10 from each customer which would mean that on 25 people you would only earn $250 instead of the $925.

There is also the opportunity to earn through Clickbank by giving this ebook away as well. 

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