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Product: bit.ly Blog Review: generousentrepreneursonline.com What do you know about CPV? Anything? I had some vague idea when I first heard of it and until Auto Mass Traffic came along I didn’t pay it much attention. It stands for click per view — and is sometimes described as ‘interstitial’ advertising because it appears like an interruption or pop up on content sites. If you go to a company like DirectCPV.com you can sign up pretty much the same as you would for a ppc account and set up a campaign. But where this is very different from ppc is this: – Your keywords bids are much cheaper – You can also use urls as part of your keyword bidding Getting set up with Auto Mass Traffic First thing to do is: you design a squeeze page that bears a close relation to your affiliate page. So, for example, if you’re selling a weight loss product, make sure your squeeze page is all about weight loss, even better if it’s a condensed version of the affiliate page itself. You set up a new list at aweber or getresponse and write your first follow-up email. Now for where Auto Mass Traffic comes in. Well, you probably guessed it — the creator Mo Latif’s software automates the keyword hunt. And because his software generates keywords — and lots of ’em — that relate accurately to buyers, not mere freebie-seekers, you have, potentially, some massive traffic on your hands. You’ll still need to know how to set up sites, manage a list, etc., but two major advantages stand out: – Speed of

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