Increase Youtube Views

We upload Youtube Videos in order to get them seen by people, but how many times have you uploaded a new video to Youtube and checked back on it a few times that day to see that you may have 4 or 5 views to that video and those views are probably you checking on that video a few times.

I have been using Youtube to promote my Internet Marketing products for over 2 years now and one video in particular now has over 200,000 views in the Internet Marketing – Make Money Online niche for a Global Domains Proof of income video.  This video is currently getting over 1,000 views per day and is converting back to my GDI signup page at a rate of about 11%.  I am then able to capture users email addresses and promote GDI to them and try and bring them into this great business opportunity.

So how have I been getting all these Youtube Views to my videos?

What I did was this – to start with you need to get views to make your video popular and appear at the top of  the Youtube search engine and Google search engine when people search for that particular niche… So I purchased Youtube views from a reliable source which would give me 10,000 views to my Youtube videos, but you don’t want to just have views as there is several things you need to do in order to make it to the top of the search engines.  These are that you will need comments, ratings, and likes to your Youtube videos as well as the Youtube video views.

What is the Best Way to Increase Youtube Views

There is several different sources you can go to like (have purchased a couple from them with mixed feelings about the results).

Another great Youtube video source which do commenting, likes, ratings and video views is Utubeplays.  I really like this service because the actual views and comments come from real human Youtube account holders so it looks very genuine to Youtube and wont get your video taken down.

You really need to stay away from any Youtube view increaser that uses computer bots to get the results for you as these will eventually result in your video being taken down by Youtube for breaching their terms and conditions.

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