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What can I say? I joined GVO at the time of the relaunch under Brian Bear.  The reason I joined GVO was that Brian Bear hosted a Webinar which was available to all his previous GDI Downline members at the time of the relaunch of GVO.  Brian made out like he was so very excited to be part of this new venture (GVO) and how he could make us all a lot of money in the process if we signed up with him.

Now at the time I thought well as an Internet Marketer myself previously being part of GDI (which I have found to be a great company and have had a lot of success with) that I would give this a go and if he kicked me off with a few downline members then all well and good I would be on my way to at least breaking even with the costs involved in being part of GVO to start with.  Well lets just say that over 1 month later I have had absolutely no contact with Brian ( I have emailed him on numerous occasions) and he has provided me with absolutely no signups.

You may be thinking to yourself at this stage, but Ben he shouldn’t have to provide you with signups, you should be looking for them yourself.  Well that may be true, but Brian Bear made out in the webinar before the relaunch of GVO that as part of signing up with him as part of the relaunch that we would be making history and there would be 100’s even 1000’s of people joining in the coming days and he would be placing them all into our downlines so we could all start earning. This NEVER HAPPENED!

Looks to me that the only person who has gotten anything out of GVO is in fact Brian Bear and the reason he wanted a flood of signups is to win the weekly competitions which made him even more cash!

I have actually been investigating Brian Bear for some time and have come to the conclusion that he is part of some quite shady operations in that he uses a lot of hacked / cracked software and shares it with his downline (after he has already cashed in on it of course).  He is a member of Black Hat World (well he was, I believe he is currently banned) and I have also discovered that he was sending massive amounts of paid traffic to his website with Google Adsense advertised on them.  If you remember back a year or so ago he was always talking about how much money he was making with Adsense.  Well guess what??? Google Adsense shut him down for sending fake / bot traffic to his website, yes I even read his post on it from  Black Hat World.

As an Internet Marketer I find his methods absolutely appalling in that he keeps massive mailing lists of people and pretends to help them make money online when the only thing he is doing is giving them false hope and making himself richer.  He might have been a good guy back when he first started in GDI but now it seems to me the money has gone to his head and now he doesn’t care about the people at all!

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GVO HostThenProfit is being re launched as a hosting package by Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO).  While GVO is a very successful business opportunity it is vital that you join with a great team in order to be successful long term.  The new launch is September 2011 and is suited a lot better for Internet Marketers and now has some very affordable hosting packages direct to you.

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Host Then Profits also includes great features such as Cpanel and Fantastico for your instant WordPress Blogs.  You also get a GVO Conference room with full audio and video and upgradable to 500 attendees.

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It offers a 4 x 10 matrix which gives you 5% on every referral in all levels and best of all it doesn’t matter who referred them, you are still going to get paid, as long as they are invited after you, you will see a 5% commission from them.  You also get a 20% matching check on ALL referrals in your downline 10 levels deep which means you will get 20% of everything your referrals earn.

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