My team has a set of Internet Millionaires who we are signing up under and will be enjoying their spillover.

If you have heard of Internet Marketing names such as Mike Filsaime, Brian Bear, Tissa Godavitarne then you know exactly what this can mean for you.  These Internet Marketers can help us to fill our downlines from their spillover in GVO.  What this means is that we can all become very wealthy if we join with the right teams.

GVO is quite different to other MLM programs such as GDI in that it is structured so that your leaders can give you signups on different levels unlike GDI which only lets you help your Downline Level 1.

GVO has been around for 12 years and used to cost $45 a month per member, but now it is being relaunched with a $9.95 package per month which again if you sign with someone like myself you can be earning that money back very quickly as we feed more and more people into your downline from our massive spillover.

Not only will you be making money with GVO’s affiliate program but also they include for that price an excellent autoresponder, so that means you can get rid of Aweber or other autoresponders given that you will be saving a lot of money with GVO, they have video hosting which is included with the GVO membership.

Ewen Chia is another very well known internet marketer who is currently with GVO, a lot of big time GDI (Global Domains International) marketers are working with GVO to make this relaunch very successful.

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