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My Review of the Traffic Digger Viral Marketing System.

Do you think that it sounds impossible to get that kind of traffic to your website within a month?  The answer is that it is very possible as long as you know what strategies you will need to put in place.

Viral Marketing through what looks like a Traffic Exchange with a BIG DIFFERENCE is part of the strategy.  It is different though from traffic exchanges in that it provides backlinks to your website when each person signs up.
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So how does Traffic Digger work?
Traffic Digger provides each user who signs up entirely FREE their own page which contains their link.  Not only does it contain their link though but the 6 people who signed up before them which are in their upline.  When people sign up through you, your website link also appears within their page links giving your well targeted anchor text.

So where does the 1 million visitors come in that I was told I would get with Traffic Digger?

When someone advertises their link on Traffic Digger under you they then have their very own page just like you did, so if you were to signup with Traffic Digger today and over the course of a month you get 10 people to sign up under you and share a link and they each in turn do the same we would have the following scenario

Your Level 1 would be 10

Your Level 2 would be 10 x 10 = 100

Your Level 3 would be 100 x 10 = 1000

Your Level 4 would be 1000 x 10 = 10000

Your Level 5 would be 10000 x 10 = 100,000

Your Level 6 would be 100,000 x 10 = 1,000,000

If you add all of those up we get 1,111,110 pages all with your link within them which means you will have a lot of exposure.  Also because of the way that Traffic Digger is set up it also means that you can actually improve your web rankings by doing this.  Simply add your website with the Anchor text you would like to rank for.  This does not mean that you will rank #1 in Google for a keyword but it can definately help bring your page to the first page of Google, plus with all of the traffic you can achieve through being advertised across 1,000,000 + webpages you should be seeing quite a bit of traffic each month, even if you were only to get 1 visitor from each page that is 1,000,000+ visitors.  Imagine if however you were to get 50 visitors from each page a month that would be over 50,000,000 visitors, imagine what you could turn that into with your Money Making Site.

Think about affiliate programs such as GDI – aka Global Domains and having that much exposure. 

You could use this traffic from Traffic Digger to market your Clickbank Products
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Better yet imagine using Traffic Digger with a Free Marketing System like the Bear Marketing System to promote your GDI affiliate program plus Aweber, Peoplestring and more.


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I have just finished reading the ebook and watching the videos to the Google Traffic Pump System and how to get free traffic from Google and have decided to give you an honest review of the system.

The Google Traffic Pump System goes on to explain how you can get targeted leads and ton of inbound links to your website in just 15 minutes. Pretty Impressive don’t you think.  It sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it.  I thought the same thing as I began reading the Ebook.

The Google Traffic Pump System goes on to show you how to get targeted traffic through Simple Keyword Research and How to Format Keywords into traffic questions.  I was really impressed.  There is absolutely no detail that has been left out and this ebook is like a step by step guide to making money online as well as driving traffic to your website.

The Google Traffic Pump System even shows you how to find a product if you don’t have your own to market and how to set up a page for the product, so you don’t even need to own anything. You can start this system completely from scratch and never have to create a product.

The Google Traffic Pumping System shows you how to choose Affiliate programs for any topic you could possibly think of.  There is a market out there for everything and they show you how to capture that market and earn money from it.

There is no doubt in my mind that The Google Traffic Pump System is one of the best Ebooks and Traffic Generation Training Guides that we have seen this year.  This is definately a must have for the Beginner Affiliate Marketer as well as the Intermediate Affiliate Marketer.

If you have wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing but haven’t quite known how to go about it then I suggest you check this system out.

For those wondering if it is a Scam.  I can safely say that it is NOT A SCAM, this is the real deal and a lot of newbie affiliate marketers can make some very good money with this if they are prepared to follow the training videos and Ebook step by step.

Click the Link to visit the Google Traffic Pump System now.

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