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Franklin Lasalle from Florida is dominating the GDI leaderboard this week with Amanda Rossenrode from Palm Springs in 2nd and 3rd is Valentina Fraser from Vancouver Canada.

For those who would like to know a bit more about this online opportunity let me run you through it. I am Benjamin King. I have been with Global Domains International since September 2008. I originally signed up under Brian Bear through the Spiderweb Marketing System by Kimball Roundy who was in late 2008 and all of 2009 one of the top affiliates for Global Domains as well as Brian. Brian got a lot of his signups through his brilliant training program and his knowledge of social media in particular Youtube to bring in new members.

Below is a video logging into Youtube and showing you over 4,500 members in his downline. Global Domains International Mauritius

This is evidenced by obtaining money from working with GDI … then why are you waiting for …. ^ __ ^ Click on the interesting information on it.
……..This is evidenced by obtaining money from working with GDI … then why are you waiting for …. ^ __ ^ Click on the interesting information on it.

How To Make Money Online for Free in 2015 – 400+ A Day! – Secret Revealed…

How To Make Money Online For Free — The Truth

Now days, in the low trust society that we live in, people question the validity of if it is truly possible to make money online. There tends to be some much false noise in the market place, promising this and that, and at the end of the day no one really has a clue what is true and what is false.

I began my journey online doing this exact same thing, I searched terms like How To Make Money Online For Free, and I watched videos and read reports. After doing research and being connected with the right people I was able to get my hands on priceless information that equipped me with the secret to making massive money online.

Now here is the true, learning How To Make Money Online For Free is really not that hard. Just being honest with you, there are many many many ways to make money online, and the truth is that many of the can be classified as How To Make Money Online For Free. The catch is, if you try to learn how to do all these money making secrets you will never make money online.

Many times people come online to learn How To Make Money Online For Free and they watch video after video, and read report after report, and at the end of the week, they are filled with all this information, but they have yet to take action on anything.

If you truly want to be successful learning the fastest way to make money, it is vital that you develop something I call tunnel vision. Rather than looking all over the Internet for all the different ways to make money online, commit to quickly finding just one technique that resonates with you and then take immediate action on that technique.

Learning How To Make Money Online For Free and successfully creating income online is completely dependent upon your ability to focus on one profitable skill.

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Youtube deleteing all Global Domains Payment Proof Videos.

It would appear that Youtube has decided to delete GDI Payment Proof videos by the masses.  I have had 2 of my payment proof videos deleted that were Global Domains related and just in the last hour they have now disabled my Youtube User account preventing me from uploading any new videos as well as deleting every single one of my videos.

While I understand that Youtube doesn’t want SPAM clogging up their network they should really have investigated this a little better than they have done, given that all of my videos were original content and I was merely showing and helping people to understand GDI better and actually get signups using this program, they were in no way promotional content but tutorials that contained payment proof to show people that I was definately being paid on a regular basis by Global Domains.

I noticed while searching for these Global Domains videos uploaded by other users that a lot of them were “keyword stuffing” their titles for the videos which again I did not do on my own videos, so again this was not something they must of looked at when they decided to do their mass video delete.

I recommend people to not put all their eggs in the same basket when it comes to Internet Marketing and this is a perfect example of how quickly your online business could come crashing down.  In the past 2 weeks alone I have had a ton of Hubs over at Hubpages closed down and now this, luckily I have a lot of other sources of organic traffic but I can still see that these 2 sources will certainly have an impact on my signups with Global Domains.

Getting Global Domains Signups can be hard for a lot of people especially when you don’t understand SEO and the use of Web 2.0 properties such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.  Luckily my team helps you build your downline for free.  Instead of keeping all of my GDI signups all for myself I like to share my downline members with the rest of my downline, meaning that if someone signs up under me I will move them to my immediate downline members so that they are also making money with Global Domains straight away, this benefits both of us in the long run.  Watch the Video below to see my GDI team earnings.

How to Gain More Global Domains GDI Signups

All successful Global Domains International affiliates share a common trait, they are persistent, and they don’t give up. We all have a built-in guidance system. By way of illustration, an interplanetary space vehicle, has a multimillion dollar guidance system. When the spacecraft is on the launching pad, it doesn’t function… because it doesn’t have to. Once the spacecraft is underway, the guidance system kicks in, and performs any midcourse corrections, that are needed to reach it’s destination. Suppose your destination in life is financial independence. You supply the reason. Global Domains International is the greatest vehicle ever devised to get you to that destination.

The reasons why Global Domains International is the best vehicle to obtain financial freedom are many. It has zero risk, is affordable, and appeals to the masses. You can try GDI for one week absolutely free. After that, the cost is only ten dollars per month. On top of that, the territory for participation is the entire planet Earth. In addition, the product is extremely simple, is delivered instantly, and has no side effects. The product does not have to be shipped, stocked, or refrigerated. You do not have to learn how enzymes interact, there is no competition, and GDI will not cause cancer. The simplicity of GDI is it’s greatest asset. There is a financial plague in this world, and Global Domains International is the cure. All you have to do is get started, then share it with others, and watch your dreams come true. Their dreams will also come true. It’s a wonderful feeling.

If you have been on the internet for any length of time looking at business options you will eventually come across someone promoting GDI to you. So this article is to answer some of the basic questions about GDI. Is this Business opportunity a scam? Do they have a product or service that is worthwhile? What is the potential of this opportunity? I will seek to answer these questions as objectively as possible.


If you have come to this article you are probably already considering whether GDI is a serious business opportunity or a scam! To determine if GDI is a scam the first question one must ask is are they marketing a worthwhile product or service or are they just another MLM or pyramid designed to take your money without giving you anything other than promises of great rewards and riches? The answer yes they have a genuine product/ service. In this case web hosting.

The Service Outlined

They provide a web hosting service. It is true you can get free website hosting on the net, in fact this very article is an example of a free web host and you can get good results from them, but there are a number of things you sacrifice.

Firstly if you are using a free web host provider there is always some form of cost, normally they require you to carry free ads on your site. (web1000 is an exception but you can’t even put banners on it and its editor is painful to use).

While having ads on your website at first this may not seem to be a problem, consider this, if you want this site to be your main business portal and hub, you may end up advertising your biggest competitor, not a smart move. You don’t have ownership of your site. You may own the intellectual material but if the free web hoster changes their rules, goes out of business or just updates the way their system works there is not a thing you can do about it. Even with blogger you have to share your AdSense revenue with them 50-50. That’s why I recommend if you are serious about having an online business your main site be one that you own and that means paying for it. Also after I lost 48 blogs overnight because blogger felt they didn’t all fit with their terms of service you learn – you get what you pay for.

In the case of GDI this means $10 a month. That’s US Dollars, so if you are in Australia like me, thats not so good, if you operate in Euro’s or pounds, that’s great for you. For that you get a web site, 10 pages (plus a feedback and guest page 12 total), 10 e-mail addresses and a domain name, its also includes a domain/site builder, domain and e-mail forwarding, use your own web builder, parking service. However each page can have a huge amount of data. The 10 e-mail address means if you have 10 different businesses, affiliates programs or whatever you can devote an individual e-mail to each one and can with the forward even arrange to have them forwarded to a single box.

The other great advantage is the ability to choose a domain name. Most of the good .com names are long since gone. Further in the case of many of the other endings like .au, .us, .uk, etc many companies exist solely in buying up the best domain names to make a killing selling them to someone else at highly inflated prices. GDI with the .ws avoids this pitfall by ensuring the domain name is not sold as a separate entity, but only with the web hosting service. This stops domain name hording in its tracks. .ws is still new and now is the time to get the domain name you want. No additional $20 yearly fee for just the domain name registration.

The Business Opportunity

The fact is not everyone out there needs a web host. Let’s examine why one has a website. Normally one either has a website for one of two reasons – BUSINESS or PERSONAL.

In the case of personal websites many people want their own personal e-mail addresses and have a website for a number of reasons, stay in touch with family with an open letter, express their beliefs or opinions on a world stage, to satisfied their own ego and sense of importance, create photo albums, join a community, etc. Some people will pay the $10 a month to have a website. As time progresses I think this will increase as more and more people become web aware and want to have their own address/ place on the web. With the highly transitive nature of the human population with greater movement than ever before in the history of the world one of the best ways people will be able to stay in contact with friends will be via the net. Consider how many people from school do you know twenty years later. Have you moved city, state, country, if you have you probably have lost contact with them. If you wanted to track them down how would you? I know I would do it via the web. This will be increasingly easy as people have personal web pages.

In the case of a website for Businesses most companies have a website for further advertising their company, some do have direct sales as well over the net, and some are nothing but internet based businesses, e.g. Ebay. In the case of a website for a business, I would think that what GDI offers is not big enough to meet their needs. Save for a landing page, redirect page or just the Domain name, GDI is aimed at the small internet business user. Thats not necessarily a bad thing but it is fact that has a bearing on the business opportunity. If GDI wants to grow further they will need to look at offering reasonable upgrade packages for the bigger players.

In the case of a small first time business wanting their own website with six pages GDI is not a bad option as it also gives them a source of secondary income.

It has the potential to be a good source of income as each person you bring in gets you $1 a month. Not a huge amount really, you would need 10 people just to pay for you hosting fee, but the winner here its that you get a $1 for each person they introduce down to five levels, the power to leverage the work of those below you is what appeals here. That can result in some good returns. You won’t become a millionaire over night, but you can have a great income stream.

You might be thinking, I’m too late and missed the GDI wave. No I don’t think so, not at this time this article is written. GDI members now are in the tens of thousands, not until its reaches 100’s of millions will the wave subside. I don’t think new customers will ever complete dry up either, because each year more and more tech savvy students finish school, and they brought up to believe they each need their own modern gadgets, including mobile phones, e-mailing, and even their own personal website. For kids who are spending $50 plus a month on mobile phones alone, $10 a month for their own website is nothing. I’m waiting for the day you no longer send in a resume into a prospective employer but just give them your web address and they can look up your life themselves. Thus I think the potential of GDI is long term, yes after the initial wave there will be an eventual slowing – there is no such thing as an infinite possibility – there are 6 Billion people on the planet, once the majority of them is a customer you have reach the finite limit. Any company unless they have plans to further develop a service or introduce new products knows a market does reach a saturation point where growth slows. Not so good for an MLM company as their customers are also their business partners. Any MLM that wants to succeed must either sell a product the needs replacement over time – i.e. tupperware (where did I leave that lid, oh well time to another party and order another), or offer new services or products to the same downlines.

There are numerous ways to advertise GDI online. I myself am no great salesman. I hate cold calling, I hate door knocking, I hate feeling like I am invading someone personal space or coming across as pushy. That’s why I love internet advertising. The buyer is in total control, no pushy salesman, don’t like the sales pitch go to another site. There are several program set up to advertise GDI for you, programs like turbo GDI and Hits2U, both are cost effective.

In summary, if you need a web host, GDI is a option, particularly in relation to Domain names, if you don’t need a web host and don’t know someone else who does then its probably not for you.

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Alastair HARRIS is the main promoter the getfinancialfreedom4u family of websites, blogs and projects (visit http://getfinancialfreedom4u.ws) specializing in online business opportunities and education, income being generated by affiliate marketing, Google, GDI, eBay, and more. Alastair is rated as an expert author on numerous article directories and is very open to assisting others on the internet

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History And Getting Involved With GDI – Global Domains International Review

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You have been on the internet for some time now and came across this Network Marketing Company Global Domains International. Therefore, this article is about a Global Domains International review to see if it is a legit business opportunity or just one of those scams on the internet. You want to carefully do your due diligence if you can really make money in GDI.

What is Global Domains International (GDI). This is a company in their organization that is selling domain names, specifically dot WS domains nationwide, and GDI has established as a legit internet business in the past 10 years.

GDI is founded by the President, Alan Ezeir and CEO Michael Reed. Global Domains International got started as a company in 1999. It is a company that they provide domain names, web hosting, personal emails and websites. GDI was ranked as the 37th fastest growing company according to the USA by Inc. Magazines. Several of GDI’s clients like UPS, Yahoo, BMW, Ebay, Dell,etc. just to name a few. There are over 180 countries that are using the dot WS domain that is part of the Global Domain International community today.

The most popular domain that GDI established is to use dot WS, because a lot of well known businesses use dot com that are already been registered or taken. They can use dot WS as an alternative to grow their business on the internet during this decade of the digital age as we know it today. This is the reason why the founders decided to create another domain with Global Domains International. The growth of the company is a lot greater and expanding globally as we speak. It is frustrating to find the perfect name, coming from their experience that established dot com names can be resold at a high valued price.

Therefore, GDI is offering dot WS domains at an affordable price, not only in the United States but globally as well. Nevertheless, you definitely need to checkout Global Domains International review yourself if you’re in the home-based business industry. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in the GLD business opportunity and know people that have an interest in purchasing a domain for their business.

All you have to do get people to sign up with GDI. Therefore, you paid $1 for every member whom you sponsor into your downline. Therefore, you can receive weekly bonuses if you refer at least 5, 10, 15 recruits or team members into GDI. The typical bonuses you can receive are usually $100, $200, $300 subsequently. It isn’t a bad start to gain profit to get your Global Domains International off the ground. Nevertheless, you can potentially earn more income down the road as long you stick around long enough with GDI.

Are you going to prosper with GDI Company after reading this Global Domains International review? It all depends on you and willing to put in the work and hours if you want to be one of the top 3% in Network Marketing. You need to be serious and motivated to take your multi-level marketing business to the next level.

Nevertheless, you need to learn these skills that your GDI upline isn’t telling you. It doesn’t matter if it is the best opportunity out there in MLM, it is a MUST to learn these secrets that I will reveal to you if you ever want to explode your Global Domain International business and get more sponsors into your team if you really want to make a profit in this industry. I hope this Global Domains International review is very helpful in making your decision if are considering being a marketer with GDI.

Danny Yoon is a Author and Internet Marketing Expert that has been involved in the Network Marketing industry since 2007. He helps struggling entrepreneurs prosper with their own efforts with his simple online marketing strategies without pitching or promoting his primary business opportunity.

Learn more secrets for FREE and learn more about Global Domains International Review TODAY! It is a MUST if you want to be in the top 3% of Network Marketers to prosper in MLM and having your prospects chasing or calling you about your Global Domains International business opportunity!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5435157

Get Started With A Discounted HostGator Account

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As a reseller, it is in your best interest to find the best possible web host in the market. They should be able to provide you with all the benefits and advantages that you would need to make your business flourish. If you make a wrong decision and get stuck with an unreliable provider, your business will be badly affected and you will lose a lot of money in the process.

A good provider should be able to give you a great deal on the disk space and the bandwidth for your domains. This should also mean that you should have near-perfect uptime rates. They should also be able to provide you with a great monthly rate that you could easily afford – and most of all, they should give you peace of mind.

All these can be achieved through one of the most powerful web hosts in the virtual community – HostGator. This web hosting provider offers their services to global clientele. This means that wherever you may be around the globe, you can be able to obtain their services. One of the best benefits that you will gain from this provider is the fact that they will not force you in to a particular bundle or plan. It will be up to you to decide on which one would best fit your needs. If you are not quite certain about which one would best suit you, you can consult their support staff to help you make a smart decision.

The bandwidth and the disk space are specifically allocated for every plan or bundle. They provide countless domains, sub domains, email accounts and other applications. The servers are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that you will have smooth flowing operations. You can get great value and advantages with their guarantee of providing you with 99.9% up time at all times. Should you have any concerns, you can be assured that it will be handled with efficiency and provide you feedback in the soonest possible time.

If you are wondering about the rates and would want to have savings – especially if you would want to try it out before you commit long term, you can get a discounted HostGator account. You can find coupon codes that will provide you with great discounts for your initial charges. As you proceed with your order, you will be required to complete the application forms provided in their website. This means that you would need to provide all the pertinent information required to process your order. You will come to a page that will prompt you to enter the coupon code. Before you confirm your order, you will be taken to a preview or summary page where you will see the discounts applied to your account. As this is likely going to make you happy, you will get more confidence and peace of mind in knowing that you can get your money back for up to 45 days from initial service – should you have any reason for wanting to cancel your account.

Are you looking for more information regarding discounted HostGator account? Visit http://www.discount-hosting-company.com/ today!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lindsey_Jenkins

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5453802

Here is this weeks Leaderboards for GDI
Weekly Potential Leaderboard
Covers New Signups for the Week of 12/06/2010 – 12/12/2010

Amount New Signups Affiliate Name City State Country
$2000 103 Tissa Godavitarne Herndon VA US
$900 48 Suganya Wongsuwan Jatujak BANGKOK TH
$800 44 Ecain Llc Livonia MI US
$800 42 RoundGoods Consulting Group, LLC. Cedar Hills UT US
$700 37 Juan Manuel Fernandez Aguinaga Chiclayo LAMBAYEQUE PE
$600 34 jose zamora ibague TOLIMA CO
$600 33 Stone Evans Dallas TX US
$600 30 Edison Aponza Escobar Puerto Tejada CAUCA CO
$500 29 Tim Sebert Waxhaw NC US
$500 25 Bear Marketing Taylor MI US
$400 21 Paul Cherry Sebastian FL US
$400 20 Jasminko Grdic Ogulin KA HR
$300 19 Christopher Farcher Albany NY US
$300 17 Stan Tomaszewski Lewiston NY US
$300 16 Travis Alexander Los Angeles CA US
$200 11 GDI Website Leaders Penfield NY US
$200 10 Bill Tannar Warwick NY US
$100 8 Anuj Atri Bangalore Karnataka IN
$100 8 Iwan Chandra Medan Sumut ID
$100 8 Mhd Yusof Abd Ghoni Padang Serai KEDAH MY
$100 7 Robert Peterson Orlando FL US
$100 7 Rick Ross Richmond VA US
$100 7 Suzanne Morrison Edinburgh GB
$100 6 Henry Smith London ENGLAND GB
$100 6 Mark Allen Murfreesboro TN US
$100 6 Joey Lyell Sharon TN US
$100 6 Mike Fatoullah Great Neck NY US
$100 6 Marco Antonio Canto Valencia Puebla PUEBLA MX
$100 6 Scott Cyrus Jafary Hyde Park NY US
$100 5 Ewen Chia Ti Wah Singapore SINGAPORE SG
$100 5 Adnan Sut Wien Austria AT
$100 5 Sebas Broekhof Papendrecht ZH NL
$100 5 Wiwat Marakrong Muang Distric UBON RATCHATANI TH

Learn how to get your name on the GDI Leaderboards. Read our GDI Report on how to get signups with Global Domains.

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I hear the following time and time again:

“I am a member of GDI and I need to get traffic to my site so I can start making some money.  Have you got any ideas?”
If you are struggling to get traffic to your GDI signup pages then you may want to read the information below:

Getting traffic with GDI can be a hard task to begin with but I assure you that it is possible to get plenty of traffic going to your pages.  There are several different ways to do it.  You can signup to a Traffic Exchange like the one on the right of this page, where you surf peoples pages and in return they surf your pages.  You need to sign up with a Traffic Exchange that offers 1:1 ratio for showing your website to make this work to the best of its ability though. 

Another way you can get traffic to your website is through Article Marketing and I recommend you check out How to get your Article into the Top 10 at EzineArticles. When you have an article in the Top 10 on EzineArticles you are going to get the maximum amount of exposure to your article which is going to mean more traffic and more signups.   There is also another great article I recommend you check out called How I made $1,000 with EzineArticles.

You should also try and build backlinks to both your Articles and your GDI website, if you aren’t familiar with building backlinks then you should check out the free guide to creating easy backlinks.

Email Marketing is another great way to bring in new subscribers and if you use this together with your Article Marketing you can bring in a flood of signups because these people are looking for money making opportunities, not only will you be able to sell them on the GDI affiliate program but also other affiliate programs you may have further down the track.

Also you should sign up to one of the free gdi marketing systems available.  These will also get you earning money not only with GDI but also in other affiliate programs so you will just market the one link and make money across a whole range of affiliate programs, you can read more about this at the Bear Marketing System Review

Free GDI Downline Builder

Hi my name is Benjamin King and I have been marketing GDI with a free GDI Downline Builder, actually it is a marketing system called The Bear Marketing System .  What the Bear Marketing System does is bring together several different Affiliate Programs and allows you to promote all of them with the same link.  By doing this you are able to achieve signups not only in Global Domains but also in all of the other affiliate programs and only as if you were promoting the one program. 

The Bear Marketing System helps you market GDI (Global Domains International), PeopleString, Aweber and VIP Forums.

It works because it is FREE and allows people to easily provide something of value to their members.  People don’t always want to sign up to GDI when you promote it on its own but as soon as you show them a marketing system like this one where they can use their GDI website to promote several affiliate programs all at the same time then they suddenly become a whole lot more interested.

You can sign up for your Free Bear Marketing System here.



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