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ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=C_R_Akomas]C R Akomas

Today I am going to discuss the ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review. The bold claims are made by the creator Micheal Edwards who is saying that the strategies within the video course will enable you to rake in money online without selling anything. If you are thinking just like me its hard to believe.

In affiliate marketing circles there has been talk about a new product that has just been launched. I belong to an internet marketing inner circle so I had to review the product since some bold claims had been made.

But as I found out later it’s true. I bought the course and reviewed it myself. It was worth every penny. Today you are about to be introduced to a new technique of making money online. The ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review reveals top strategies on how to sell nothing and still generate income on autopilot every month.

The review reveals how the guide and videos deliver step by step instructions on what to do. No stone is left unturned. The guide was made available at a time of financial downturn which is seen as a positive thing.

By the bold claim saying that there is no selling involved, what this means is that one can install PPI (Pay Per Install) software on their site and ask people to download it for free. When someone goes to this website and downloads the software the original owner gets paid and hence the affiliate also gets paid. This is just a brief summary of how you get paid with no selling involved.

You will learn first hand how to make money online easily and on autopilot. And the best thing about the whole thing is the fact that you don not have to sell anything to make consistent money. This information cannot be retrieved anywhere else on the web.

According to the ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review it is a very unique piece of information. It is an entire step by step video series and is also packed with serious usable content.

I could not go into too much detail without coming across as if I was selling something in the article body. So if you want to know more about how to make money without selling a darn thing [http://www.clickbankaffiliateloopholereview.blogspot.com]click here to view a review about this new product. You will be amazed.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?ClickBank-Affiliate-Loophole-Review&id=3467519] ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review

Dean Shainins EzineArticle Manifesto equals some very impressive information.  While most of you know that I hardly ever will write reviews unless something really grabs my attention well people this one did.  Not only that but I have actually used these techniques with my own articles and have seen some very good results since implementing them.

Now to start off Dean tells you a little of how he got 965,270 views to his articles which made him around the $150,000 mark online. Dean Shainin describes himself as an Article Marketing Wiz and after reading this, well lets just say I wont be arguing with him on that one.  Impressive stuff.

  • Dean shows us how to dominate EzineArticles.  How to grab that Most Viewed Position and turn it into a Top 10 on Google as well.
  • He shows us all about Hypnotic marketing and capturing the readers attention which increases views.
  • Not only that but he shows us how to increase our CTR rate by up to 50%, now I don’t have many articles where I have up to 50% but I recently wrote one for Roulette following Dean Shainins EzineArticle strategy and it is hovering around 54% CTR from roughly 220 article views so far.

Dean also shows us how to grab up to 500% more search engine traffic to our EzineArticles.

There is a whole lot more within this Ebook I could tell you about but I really don’t want to give too much away.  Dean Shainin has spent a fair bit of time over on Warrior Forum and went from being absolutely flat broke, unemployed and $22,000 in debt to earning over $150,000 online with these methods so that should show you the overall power of it.

Summing this Review up I give Dean Shainins EzineArticle Manifesto Ebook a 5/5 for originality, great no fluff content, and it works!!!

Best of all you don’t have to write a heap of articles,  it is about getting maximum views from each article.

Read more about Dean Shainins Underground Secret EzineArticle Manifesto Here

Scrapebox and EzineArticles equals Failure!

Obtaining Fake Views with EzineArticles is setting you up for absolute disaster.
If you have been one of those people who have recently purchased Scrapebox with the thought of pinging your EzineArticles heaps of times through the use of proxies to get views then I have some news for you, it wont work.  You see the people at EzineArticles are pretty smart and like to keep the rubbish articles out of EzineArticles as well as cheaters. 

Yes by pinging your articles through proxies using Scrapebox you are actually cheating the system as far as getting into the Top 10 Most viewed on EA.  Until recently these people had an unfair advantage over the rest of us Article Marketers who actually take the time to research and put together well written articles and we stood very little chance of getting our well deserved articles into the Top 10 because users of Scrapebox were pinging that many times that they were getting thousands of views within just a couple of hours, “Fake views that is”.

Not only this but you will also find yourself banned very quickly from EzineArticles if they catch you trying to bump up the views using these ‘shady little tricks’.  There are plenty of ways to actually get decent views to your articles through marketing them properly, that is proper keyword research and product research.

If you would like to see how I made over $1,000 last month with EzineArticles click here

EzineArticles Resource Box

Top Ways to Make Money Online in 2010

EzineArticles Resource Box

The Success Principle

Money Siphon System V2

Nasty Dirty Money

The Affiliate Code

Copy Paste Systems

Hubpages Affiliate Blueprint

Express Paid Surveys

How To Write A Good Resource Box For EzineArticles And Improve Your Clickthru Rate And Sales!

http://howtoearnmoneyvideo.com/blog/h… – In this short video we take a look at a very popular article and try to find the secret of how to write a good resource box for EzineArticles.com and improve your clickthru rate and increase the sales you make.

To make money online with article marketing you will have to master writing and submitting articles to EzineArticles.com. This video should help.

If you want to automatically track your sales back to the exact article at EzineArticles where the customer came from then check out http://www.CBSaleTracker.com.

Howto & Style

how to write goodresource box for ezinearticles improve clickthru rate make money online with article marketing

Being able to Make Money Online has gotten a whole lot easier over the last couple of years thanks to the advancements of the Internet that we are constantly given. Affiliate Marketing is a free and quite an easy way to make money online. I have been over the last 2 years, involved in several Affiliate Marketing ventures with Global Domains International (GDI) as well as Clickbank and Marketing through EzineArticles and Hubpages.

How to Improve your Clickthrough Rates within the EzineArticles Resource Box

1.  Be Honest with people in your article and don’t come across as a salesman in your Resource Box, a lot of people make this mistake and it costs them traffic and sales.

2.  Offer your readers something for FREE.  You should never be trying to sell something to your readers when you are trying to get traffic to your website.  Offer them something FREE and useful and you will have them coming back to your website even more.

3.  Be sure that your article doesn’t bore the reader.  If it is too long and doesn’t contain information that the reader is going to find useful then they are not going to read until the end of the article which means that they will never even get to the EzineArticles Resource Box!!

4.  Avoid promises you can’t keep.  Sure you might still get the Click-through on your resource box but what use is it if you can’t back up what you have written about in your EzineArticle? Nothing.  Be truthful and avoid Hype Sales Pages!!

Article Marketing Tips using EzineArticles and List Building

I have been Article Marketing for quite some time now and have been using Articles Base and EzineArticles as my main 2 sources.  The reason I use these is because they generate a lot of traffic for my websites and bring me in a fair bit of income.  I promote several different Affiliate Programs including Global Domains International
Clickbank Products
, anda lot more recently I started promoting my own products including my Hubpages Traffic Guide .

I don’t just use Article Marketing to bring in traffic to my website but it does make up an unbelievable amount of the traffic that I get to some of my websites.  I suggest you read my Hub on How I made $1,000 Last Month with EzineArticles for more information.

It is important with EzineArticles as well as other Article Marketing Websites that you build Lists. 

Did you know that most people need to see your website 3 or more times before they will buy?  While it can’t be said for every single visitor to your website but most people like to go away and think about purchasing a product before they actually commit to buying.  If you have a mailing list you could get them to subscribe by offering a relavant freebie or access to an exclusive video marketing course.  Once you have them on your list you can promote your other affiliate programs to them.

Being able to Make Money Online has gotten a whole lot easier over the last couple of years thanks to the advancements of the Internet that we are constantly given. Affiliate Marketing is a free and quite an easy way to make money online. I have been over the last 2 years, involved in several Affiliate Marketing ventures with Global Domains International (GDI) as well as Clickbank and Marketing through EzineArticles and Hubpages.

Last month I made over $1,000 writing for EzineArticles.  This was done through just a few money making methods online and now we are at just the 2nd June 2010 and I have already made $120 with EzineArticles for this month.  I know it is EzineArticles traffic making me the money as I have Google Analytics installed and also pages on my website where I only get traffic from EzineArticles. 

Article Marketing has been around for a number of years but a lot of people rarely ever get it right when it comes to making money with it.  I wanted to share a few names of Article Internet Marketers who use EzineArticles to get masses of traffic to their Money Making Websites.  Quite a number of these marketers are making 6 figures yearly and not low 6 figures either, we are talking mid to high 6 figure income with 2 of them rumoured to be making 7 figures yearly.  That is over $1 million dollars every single year through using Article Marketing and Affiliate Programs to deliver top notch information to their customers and have their customers lining up with their wallets out wanting more.  If you think about names like Ewen Chia.  Ewen Chia is involved in a lot of Affiliate Programs and one that comes to mind is GDI (Global Domains International).

Fabian Tan is another Internet Marketer who uses EzineArticles to bring traffic to his multiple money making websites and he is making a ton of traffic and money through writing articles.  Check out 700+ visitors a day using these traffic methods.

Sean R Mize is a top Expert Author on EzineArticles and he writes about a lot of SEO topics and building backlinks.  Sean currently has over 23,000 articles with EzineArticles.  Just imagine the traffic that is bringing him in!!!

Lance Winslow is another top expert author with EzineArticles.  Now I find Lance a very interesting article writer as he writes about a whole lot of different topics, from business to for example an article he wrote recently labelled “How Long Does it Take to Wash a Small Cessna Aircraft – Airplane Cleaning 101”.  Building Traffic does take effort and he has shown through 20,000 articles that he has put in the effort.

Willox Perez has a lot of EzineArticles as well.  Willox is the owner of the Work In Your Underwear website which is basically all about GDI (Global Domains International).  You will often see Willox on the GDI Leaderboards as well.

I also write for EzineArticles and have only a small amount of articles so far but I am building backlinks to them which will mean that instead of writing 20,000+ articles to get a ton of traffic I have taken a different approach and that is to build quality traffic backlinks.

If you would like to see the methods I used to generate $1000+ last month in Affiliate Revenue using EzineArticles then visit Internet Marketing using EzineArticles

Clickbank, GDI and Harvey Segals Supertips are all Affiliate Programs of some kind.  There are 1000’s of different Affiliate Programs around and you should find one that is suitable to your niche.


One great way to earn money with GDI (Global Domains International ) is to do some article writing. I personally use EzineArticles as it is loved by Google and the other main search engines so your articles have a very good chance of first page of good exposure. I keep my articles to about 250-350 words and make sure to research keywords first. Remember that EzineArticles has a 2% keyword density rule. That means that you can only use keywords 2% in your whole article. so on 250 words I would suggest only using the keywords you want to rank for around 3 times.
I use the Google Keyword Tool to find out what competitive keywords I wish to use and check them out on Google to see how many pages are competing for that keyword.
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Interested in Building a Downline with GDI? Click here now

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jameswsa — August 20, 2008 — http://www.getcashfreeonline.com
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Visit the link above to learn about an exciting and profitable enterprise and gain access to unlimited web 2.0 marketing and training. Thousands of dollars worth of training and years upon years of experience by internet marketers sharing their knowledge in an effort to help anyone with the desire to learn. Article writing is just a drop in the bucket to the many free ways to promote your online business or opportunity. Writing and submitting quality articles with good content is a great way to generate traffic to your website. Ezinearticles.com is one of the leading article submission sites. Get your articles read, generate free traffic to your website, and create valuable backlinks to your website or blog by posting on the populat article sites. This tutorial teaches you the basics in submitting an article. There are numerous article submission sites and they all vary from site to site, but the basics are very similar in how to submit your article. This is an excellent free method to create valuable content and contribute it to the internet marketing community. your article and give you a higher page ranking. Bloggers will use your articles on their blogs which further increases your web exposure and of course it is mandatory for them to include and keep your links in tact. James Broadfoot provides valuable marketing advice as well as web 2.0 instruction and consultation. Please visit his blog for more valuable internet marketing advice.
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