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How to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business Earning $3K Per Month From Home Without Any Money
By Benjamin J King

The Affiliate Marketing Business is growing, more and more people are wanting the freedom of working from home full time instead of going to their 9-5 jobs everyday. I know, I was one of them a couple of years back. Sick and tired of working long hours, then sitting in traffic for another couple of hours each way when I knew if I put in the effort I was putting in for my boss that I could be making at least double what I was being paid.

When you first start Affiliate Marketing there are so many different programs out there and so many different methods of marketing that a lot of people get lost within the marketing itself and don’t know how to take action because they are overloaded with a lot of information in a short time that they simply can’t absorb all at once, in fact when I started Affiliate Marketing I was one of these people as well.

It wasn’t until I sat down and came up with a plan that I actually started making money. I am going to share with you a couple of tips about ‘how to make money online’. These are:

1. Be prepared to put in hours of work without seeing immediate results. This one is important to realise that sometimes you have to put in a fair bit of work and then later down the track you see the results not overnight.

2. Write down a method of day to day activities to complete for your new Affiliate Marketing Business and stick to it. You need to give yourself a set time each day and set goals to achieve within your business.

3. When you first start Affiliate Marketing do not rush out and buy a website straight away. Instead use free methods and website space to get yourself started. Later on after you have started making money then invest that money in a website. Remember your first product you choose to market may not be a hit, you don’t want a website sitting there completely useless because the product was a poor seller.

4. Keyword Research is vital to your business on the internet. You need to properly seek out keywords which both get traffic and are ‘selling keywords’, it is no good getting traffic to keywords which get people looking for something for free as it is very hard to convert them into a buyer if they have it in their head that they want this for free.

5. Never ever stop educating yourself. This is something to always remember even for experienced Internet Marketers like myself. The minute you stop educating yourself, it gives room for someone with new knowledge to come in and take over.

With these simple steps it is reasonable to say that within 3 months and having researched 5 good quality affiliate products to work with you could be earning $3,000 a month. If you stick with your goals you basically have to make $20 off each of your 5 affiliate products a day which I can definitely say I had exceeded by the 3 month stage.

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