Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that offers something a little different than a lot of the cryptocurrencies out there. If you were lucky enough to pick yourself up some of this crypto via the crowd token sale you had the opportunity to pick these up for 1 cent each! You also had the opportunity to earn a bonus on your Electroneum tokens of 10% and up to 40% in some cases depending on how early you purchased.

Right now according to CoinMarketCap: Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations it is trading at nearly 4 cents. It has been trading as high as 20 cents in the first day it hit the market. There has been a number of glitches with this crypto though including purchasers not being able to move their coins to an offline wallet. Currently as of the 4th November 2017 the team are working away hard to fix this problem.

Download the Bitcoin Miracle PDF here

There is however a lot of angry investors who are unable to move their ETN around to Cryptopia which is the exchange ETN first got listed on. However miners have been able to move their coins around and get them onto Cryptopia causing problems for investors as they believe that the team at Electroneum should of frozen all transactions as it is unfair that miners are able to sell their coins already and yet the investors (the people who made this project possible) were not able to.

Can Electroneum recover?

Electroneum price 2018 speculation: electroneum price 2018 is currently $1 US Dollar by Q2 2018.

However this is only a problem for the investors of Electroneum that wish to offload their coins right away. If you are planning HODL (HOLD) your coins then there is really little problem as this coin does have a lot of potential and will be interesting to see how high the coin goes. There is plenty of speculation of $2 in the not too distant future meaning if you had purchased just $100 worth of electroneum you could potentially be sitting on $20,000!

I believe this year the market is concentrating a lot of BTC and where that goes, currently $7,350 US as of November 4th. Speculation of a slight correction back to $6,200 and then a surge to $10,000 US by the end of 2017, maybe even before the end of November.

What this means and if you look at the Coin Market Cap and what coins are being transferred right now, you can see a lot of volume of alternative coins such as Electroneum being converted into Bitcoin. Once the Bitcoin price surge drops off and plateaus eventually (it will happen even if just for a short term) you will see people start to pick up the alternate coins. This is when I think Electroneum will take off. This is the first coin of its kind to be marketed to the masses, meaning people with little knowledge of crypto currency now have the chance to jump in.

Some look at this as a bad thing but from an investor point of view I see this as a brilliant move by the team at Electroneum and am looking to load up on more Electroneum before the end of November.

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