Easy Income Monster is a Clickbank product by George Brown who has also produced products such as Google Sniper 2.0. So you have probably found yourself here now because you have visited the sales page of Easy Income Monster and are now checking out to see if the product has quality information or is just another bunch of rehashed garbage.

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Ok, here is my honest review of Easy Income Monster. Straight up I want you to read to the end of my review but I will tell you now that if I had my time over again I would definitely not buy Easy Income Monster again!

Let me tell you why. This product is preying on newbies to the Internet Marketing game to lure them in with what I will say is just the same old overhyped garbage so many Internet Marketers have been flogging for years now. Now George Brown has another product called Google Sniper 2.0 which I have actually implemented his system and made some decent money off but this new product he has, I just don’t see it. In fact the only money I can see being made off this product is if you signed up to Clickbank and began flogging this exact product to newbies and even that market is very saturated.

So is Easy Income Monster a Scam?

Short answer is no. It isn’t a scam but it doesn’t give you every bit of information to actually make the money which to me is wrong. If you are a seasoned Internet Marketer this product is also not for you as you will already have come across this method (most probably for free) in your Internet Marketing career.

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Easy Income Monster

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