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I am going to give you the blueprint to make over $500 a week each and every week with Clickbank.

This blueprint is not about promoting with EzineArticles but with their competition.  Articlesbase has a very quick turnaround time in getting each of your articles approved where EzineArticles takes a fair bit of time in most cases more than a week.

Articlesbase requires approval just like Ezinearticles for each of your articles but after 15 articles you can then write unlimited auto approved articles meaning that your articles go live immediately which will provide you with both traffic and if you choose your clickbank product wisely you will also get some sales.

Look at Clickbank Gravity and don’t go for high competition Clickbank Products to start with as this will just make getting the sale harder.  I find as a good guide that if you choose a clickbank product with a gravity of around 10 – 50 you know it sells but there is not a lot of people selling it meaning that the product is not saturated with internet marketers flooding their customers email inboxes with offers etc.

Next look at the website of the product you wish to promote and have a look at the salescopy.  You want to make sure it is well written and is going to grab your customers attention.

Also be sure to look at the price of the product, I find that products between $17 and $47 convert the best.

Next I want you to go over to the Google External Keyword Tool and research your clickbank products keywords to make sure that there is not a lot of competition, you need a keyword with that is searched 1,000 or more times a month but is low in competition.

You then need to find 5 Clickbank Products like this.  I can do all my research on 5 Clickbank Products within an hour and be ready to start writing my articles.

Ok so next you need to start submitting 2 review articles for each of your products.  That means you will have 10 articles out there by the end of the day.

Promote your articles through Facebook, Twitter and other social bookmarking.  You may even be able to get a good deal of Fiverr to pay someone to write the articles for you so you can spend your time searching for new clickbank products to promote.

Use Titles like these

“Hubpages Ebook Review”
“Hubpages by Benjamin King”
“Hubpages by Benjamin King – Is it a Scam”

By using these titles you know you already have people interested in the product you are promoting you just have to get them to buy.

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First of all you will need to sign up for a Clickbank account to be able to do this.

Once you have signed up come back to this page to continue

The Clickbank Marketplace has over 10,000 digital products listed.

First you must choose a category within the Clickbank Marketplace.  They have several different categories as there are so many digital products available.  Choose a category that interests you.

You will notice a few things listed underneath each product which are going to be of some interest to you. You will see a few things like sale and gravity as well as percentage of sale.  I am going to explain each of them to you

$/sale:  This is how much the total sale price is of the digital product that is being offered.

Future $:  This will be zero on most products and only refers to digital products that have a recurring income.  There are a few internet marketing courses that use this option as they might have ongoing training so they charge a monthly membership, but generally this will be zero.

Total $/sale: This is the sale price of the digital product plus the recurring income.

%/sale:  This is the % of the sale that you will earn from each digital product sale.

%refd: This is the total of sales reffered by Affiliates.  You will find 10% may come from organic searches to the original page and therefore skip affiliates.

grav:  This is how popular a digital product is.  The higher the number the more popular, any product over 150 is very popular with the affiliates and generally will have a lot of competition out there for a sale.

So which products are the best to choose?

I would suggest keeping away from all of the money making products at Clickbank and I will explain why.

Most people looking for money making products have actually already purchased other money making products online before.  Most of them will know about Clickbank by this stage and have signed up for an account, so when you market a money making digital product they click on the link, quickly realise it is a Clickbank product and wipe out your hoplink and put their own link in which generates them with a sale.  It happens all the time.

If you stick to products like Solar Power Energy (which by the way has a massive market online right now) you can make money out of people who have absolutely no understanding of Internet Marketing in gerneral so they wont even understand what Clickbank is or simply just wont care.  They are there for a energy saving product and that is all they care about.

A few other good niches are Dating, Weight Loss and DIY guides.

First of all when you are choosing a product, I want you to go to the sales page, make sure that there are no little links for OPT INS for mailing lists.  The reason why you want to make sure of this is that there have been stories of publishers out there right now with Clickbank who are stealing affiliate sales by setting up mailing lists.  Customers are signing up with the mailing lists and then the publishers are sending out emails with hoplinks with their own affiliate link within, which is taking sales from affiliates.  Usually affiliate links are stored in your Cookies (within Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) for 30, sometimes 60 days.  There are ways around this however such as telling people to clear their cookies before making a purchase for an added bonus etc.  If you ask Clickbank about it they seem to have no idea it is going on or they simply don’t want to know about it. I haven’t worked out which one it is yet.  Don’t let it put you off earning with Clickbank though as the company is an excellent source of income for internet marketers worldwide.  It is just a few bad eggs making it not as honest as it should be.  As long as you do those checks I have just told you about though you will be fine.

Click the link to see the next part of the Clickbank Blueprint to picking successful products