Chronic Commissions Bonus Review – Is it a Scam?

Chronic Commissions Review

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Chronic Commissions – My Review and Bonus.

The bonus for the Chronic Commissions purchase can be found here: A complete Clickbank guide to Hubpages

Chronic Commissions is created by Chill Valko, Corey Lewis and Caleb Abrams

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Basically when I looked in Chronic Commissions I discovered that their system is quite different to a lot of other affiliate marketing products I had looked at before in that they were a lot more focussed on going after the recurring commissions products that Clickbank and Commission Junction and the likes have to offer.  By recurring commission I mean a sale where a customer signs up for a service/product and then agrees to pay a fee each and every month to stay a member.  Every time they pay that fee you also get a commission.  This is great in that you don’t have to continually go looking for new customers, you have the chance to have that customer stay with you for life.

Now imagine if you kept working at that each and every month and aimed to get 20 new members per month and they were all paying $47 to be a member and you are getting 75% of that as a commission, which is very common with Clickbank.  In your first month you would earn just over $700, by the end of your second month you are now earning over $1,400 and by the end of the third month you are over $2,000.  It doesn’t stop there though imagine projecting forward to say a year from now and looking at your recurring commissions with Clickbank.  You could have an income of over $8,400 coming in each and every month just by recruiting 20 members per month and you are going to keep earning these commissions while ever the customer stays a member, sometimes for years and years depending on the quality of the product.

So what will you need to use Chronic Commissions?

Basically you will need a Clickbank account so that you can use your Clickbank ID to track and make sales.  I also recommend hosting and a domain and also an Aweber account which is optional.

What market is Chronic Commissions aimed at and is it going to make me money?

Chronic Commissions is aimed at complete newbie internet marketers as well as experienced internet marketers and provides a step by step guide through every part of the training and strategy.  Experienced internet marketers should also not skip the first few steps as there are some helpful strategies that even a lot of experienced internet marketers may have overlooked or never heard of before.

I give Chronic Commissions a score of 9.5 /10 and I feel that anyone who follows their strategies and puts in the time and effort can definately make some serious money with this.

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