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Here is the latest results for Benjamin King Affiliate Marketing.  $1,000 last month with EzineArticles.

Benjamin King is an Internet Marketer who has been working full time from home for nearly 2 years. 

 Last month as part of an ongoing project I decided to post and promote some of my articles over at EzineArticles and in return I made $1,000. 
I recommend to anyone with EzineArticles or any other article directory like articles Base for example, keep building backlinks to your articles and get them ranking well within the search engines for those keyword terms. 

Article Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online as long as it is done correctly.

If you are looking to succeed and get a ton of signups with GDI but don’t have a lot of Internet Marketing experience then it can still work for you.

In fact when I first joined GDI I had absolutely no knowledge of Internet Marketing and joined through a FREE Marketing System called the Spiderweb Marketing System.

There is a lot of money to be made online as an affiliate and GDI (Global Domains International) is no different.  I like the idea of earning residual income month after month for the same people being in my team which is why I first chose GDI as my online home business.

Brian Bear who is one of the top leaders in GDI has come up with a brand new marketing system called the “Bear Marketing System” and what it actually does is promotes several affiliate programs for you all at the one time without you ever having to give out several different links

Think of companies such as Global Domains and PeopleString.  You can make up to $300 per referral using the Bear Marketing System and best of all the marketing system is completely 100% free to join.

I have been with Global Domains for nearly 2 years now and I am making money online with them.  You can be paid via check or Paypal.  I find Paypal is the easier payment method and it is instant.

If you are serious about making money online then I suggest you check out my guide on Making Money with GDI.Click here for free information on joining GDI (Global Domains International)


If you are already a GDI member make sure you get into the FREE Bear Marketing System, you have nothing to lose it is 100% FREE and it gives you the power to make money outside of GDI on 7 different income streams.

Top Ways to Make Money Online in 2010

The Success Principle

Money Siphon System V2

Nasty Dirty Money

The Affiliate Code

Copy Paste Systems

Hubpages Affiliate Blueprint

Express Paid Surveys

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JobsFromHomeOz | July 13, 2010

If you want to know how you can make money onli…
JobsFromHomeOz | July 13, 2010

Free Downline Builder for GDI – We help build your Downline FREE

If you want to know how you can make money online with affiliate programs such as PeopleString, GDI and Infinity Downline then the Bear Marketing System is definately the system for you. My name is Benjamin King and I am a 27 year old Internet Marketer from Ryde, Sydney, Australia.

I have been an Internet Marketer for 2 years now and have worked with many affiliate programs such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Adsense. The key to being succesful with any affiliate programs is having good quality landing pages as well as high quality targeted traffic.

I have chosen to market my programs with video marketing as well as social media websites such as Hubpages, Twitter and Facebook. There are thousands of websites out there that you can successfully use to market your affiliate program but what if you could have one marketing system to bring them altogether. This way you only need to share the one link and you have the ability to market across several affiliate programs with the click of a button.

The marketing system is known as the (BMS) Bear Marketing System and was designed by Brian Bear who was and still is a top affiliate of GDI (Global Domains International) and The Spiderweb Marketing System. You have the ability to market affiliate programs such as People String and the Infinity Downline system. Best of all you can choose what you want to sign up for and market. If you choose not to go with the Infinity Downline Affiliate Program for instance you can simply leave it out and go on to the next step.

I like to market with social media such as Hubpages and Twitter because of the interaction with your customers but you can use other methods if you want, although when you join with me I will give you access to my marketing traffic strategy for getting visitors to Hubpages. It comes in a PDF Ebook and is your Blueprint to success if you want it.

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Benjamin King your GDI sponsor

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Also check out my guide to Making Money with Tradebit and Hubpages


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Make money online fast and easy, but you do have to be willing to better your financial situation by advertising, and I’ll show you how and where to advertise free. There is no selling, this work from home business requires no money to start either. The website package you get comes default as a GDI promotional site and is $10 a month with the free .ws domain.

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