A lot of you have probably come across Jonathan Leger’s 3 Way Links while searching for a Link Building System for your website.  I know a lot of you will be wondering how it works and if it actually does work.  I have been using these links for the past 3 months on a newly created website that did not have a single backlink from any other site.

I used Jonathan’s 3waylinks.net to create backlinks back to my website as well as creating around 10 pages of content for my newly designed wordpress blog.

Because the website was quite new it was not yet in the search engine directories so I had to wait around 10 days until eventually after adding some of these backlinks my pages slowly started showing up in Google at first and later on down the track they are now indexed by Yahoo and Bing as well as some other smaller search engines.

Now while the backlinks I am obtaining using the 3 Way Links System are not related to my niche wordpress blog they are still helping me climb higher and higher in the search engines for the keywords I have chosen to rank for, in fact on one of the keywords which is currently searched for over 2,000 times a month I am #2, and I am even beating Wikipedia for this term as well and I can tell you Wikipedia has a ton more backlinks than me.  They are number 4!

I have just 2 days ago added a few more pages content and created backlinks directly to those pages and already I have seen these pages indexed by Google and what is even more surprising is that I am already ranking on the first page for yet another search term and traffic is up from an average of 400 visitors a day to a whopping 987 so far today with 2 hours still to go until the end of the day.

As a lot of you know I have been gaining a lot of traffic to some of my other websites from Hubpages and I am even thinking about applying these 3 way links to some of my underperforming Hubs to help them rank higher.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with using Hubpages for traffic, I recommend you check out my Hubpages Affiliate Guide.

Also be sure to check out Jonathan’s 3 Way Links System.