Do these Survey Companies really pay or is it all a scam?

There are many different companies that genuinely do pay for opinions through surveys all over the world, but there are also a lot of companies that don’t pay up.  I am going to show you a list of legitimate Survey Companies that pay money to customers to give their opinions. 

This is a Survey List of paying companies

Surveyspot                       Survey Savvy                   ACOP Opinion Panel                Global Test Market           Survey Networks
Emailcash                          NPO World                       Paid Surveys                                E-Poll Rewards                   It’s your opinion
National Survey Search    Big Aussie Surveys   Consumer Survey Panel      Consumer Opinions         Inter Survey Group
NPO World                            HotSpex                       Health Track Surveys                  NFO MySurvey
All of the above are legitimate survey companies who will pay for your opinion.  The key to making money with survey companies is to signup with multiple companies as it can sometimes take a couple months to qualify for an amount that requires a payout. Most survey companies like you to reach $50 before you qualify for a payout.

What a lot of people do is so they get a huge database of quality tested scam free survey sites is they signup with a Survey Company that will find them surveys to complete.  These companies usually require a one off small fee and then they keep you in their database and let you know when a survey is coming up that you can complete.  I have signed up with a few different survey companies over the years and have had some very good results. Here is a few survey companies to check out.

Make Money Taking Surveys                   Top Online Legit Jobs                         Paid Surveys

The Paid Research Program                   Express Pay Research                         Surveys for Checks

These Survey Companies above take people from almost any country including the US, UK, Australia, Europe, Asia.  Be sure to look through all of them before making your choice of which one you would prefer to go with.  Sometimes signing up with 2 companies can work better for you as well as you can sign up with 100+ survey companies and start earning money within a shorter period of time.

Remember that by paying for a Survey Company to find you all the smaller survey companies that are legit will save you a lot of time and money.  This way you can concentrate on just earning money with the companies that you know are going to pay you at the end of the day.  Best of all they ALL take people from Australia to complete their survey offers.