Your guide to the Top 30 SEO High PR Article Submission Sites in 2018

Article submission sites are a great tool for building valuable links and traffic to your website especially is you have a very newly developed website. We show you the Top 30 SEO High PR Article Submission Sites for 2018 that will get you quality backlinks. The way it works is that they write articles on the submission sites which have much higher PR than what their newly developed website with limited backlinks would have.

How are Article Submission Sites good for Backlinks?

By using Article Submission sites such as EzineArticles it allows you to also get valuable one way backlinks which is one very important ranking factor in SEO especially as things have become more advanced in 2018 regarding search engine optimization.

It also allows for your article to get a ton of extra exposure on the submission sites that you wouldn’t normally receive due to the fact that there is multiple resources throughout each site showing related articles and if your content is well written it could even earn you a link back to your website from other websites giving you much needed link juice for your new site.

The more backlinks you have from authority sites the more link juice should be passed through to your website which will also help you rank better than previously within Google and Bing to name a couple.

I know some people out there like to use free article spinners but I honestly don’t recommend it and in fact a lot of the article spinners out there especially the free ones are absolute junk. They just change a word here and there and it is easily picked up as duplicate content which is something you just don’t want to find yourself doing especially with a new website. Take a little longer to research your topics and write them from scratch, in the end the benefits you will see from this will far outweigh the churn and burn methods of using free article spinners.

Top 30 Article Submission Sites for SEO

Is EzineArticles Still Good for SEO?

To me yes it is, EzineArticles for me is still number one whenever I think of article submission although there are many more forms and definitely a ton of websites similar this one for me has always been a success. There are plenty of alternatives to EzineArticles such as ArticleBase, ArticleFactory, GoArticles, Hubpages (although set out a little different, think more Squidoo).

Whenever you submit a new article, some of which require manual checks to make sure your articles are up to scratch before going live on their sites, you will want to share it on all of your social media outlets. The reason I say this is that social signals are yet another ranking factor and it also gives you the chance for other people to take a read of your article and hopefully share it (starting that viral sharing off). You can find free article submission sites without registration as well as those article submission sites with instant approval but if they are just taking everyones 1/10 for quality articles they are probably not going to carry as much weight on your backlinks which is bad for your link juice. Ezinearticles has also been around for a lot of years and even though it was hit with a major google algorithm back in 2011 it is still worth publishing your articles there.

Is Webwire good for SEO?

This service is absolutely fantastic! I have had a ton of success with over the years and they have several very good packages although I must tell you this one is a paid service. They have 3 options for Online Distributin to Internet News Readers as well as 2 options for Distribution to the Media.
Here are the packages:

1. WebPost which to me is a great starting point in really getting exposure to your website. Each submission to this service is $34.95
2. WebPost PPC which is a managed pay per click Google search results style submission which is a little more expensive at $199.95
3. WebRelease which is the widespread integration into Global News Publications (Massive for SEO) but comes at a price of $289.00 (Still worth it though)
4. Targeted Media which is distribution to the media and industry specific to reporters and trade publications. These start at $95
5. Wire Service which is delivered over news wires georgraphic as well as topic specific (most expensive package upwards of $325).

Here is my Top 30 Article Submission Sites for SEO in 2018