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Google Sniper is an online affiliate marketing course put together by George Brown, who is an affiliate marketing genius. The idea behind Google Sniper is to get your affiliate websites ranking high in the Google Search Engine so that you start getting visitors to your site who are looking to buy your affiliate offers.

George Brown was just 17 years old when he created the Google Sniper product known as Google Sniper 1.0, it then had an update to Google Sniper 2.0 and now is back even better before with the release of Google Sniper 3.0.

Google Sniper has remained in the Top 10 list of all Clickbank Products for years now and a number of times has been number 1.

So what does Google Sniper 3.0 teach you about online marketing?

You will learn how to choose niches and sell the best Clickbank Products. This is all done by creating websites with keyword rich search terms that will have buyers coming to you for these products.

You will also learn to watch certain keyword phrases by setting up analytics to see where your buyers are coming from and what they are searching for as a keyword phrase.

Here is a video showing Google Sniper 3.0 in action. New and Updated Version Google Sniper 3.0 With Sniper Cash Machine By George Brown’s is the latest 2015 edition of the World’s number 1 selling affiliating marketing program; follow the exact steps to earn a 6 figure income from home.

Google Sniper Mini Sites work very well because George teaches you about Google Quality Scores and choosing your Google Keywords very carefully. These methods are both Penguin and Panda safe.
So who can use Google Sniper? Pretty much anyone who can use the internet and is willing to put in the time to get started and a willingness to learn about WordPress, Clickbank and niches.

The great thing about using Google Sniper 3.0 is that once you set up these websites, they can mostly run on autopilot and keep bringing in the profits for you month in and month out.

There is currently a Google Sniper Offer Payment Plan in that you can have full use of a trial version for just $1 for 5 days. Or you can purchase it for $47 which is a one time payment and you get to have the system for life.

There is also an After Sales Support for Google Sniper and a Rolodex with important tips and resources. Sniper X is an updated section which includes Webinars from George Brown himself.

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ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=C_R_Akomas]C R Akomas

Today I am going to discuss the ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review. The bold claims are made by the creator Micheal Edwards who is saying that the strategies within the video course will enable you to rake in money online without selling anything. If you are thinking just like me its hard to believe.

In affiliate marketing circles there has been talk about a new product that has just been launched. I belong to an internet marketing inner circle so I had to review the product since some bold claims had been made.

But as I found out later it’s true. I bought the course and reviewed it myself. It was worth every penny. Today you are about to be introduced to a new technique of making money online. The ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review reveals top strategies on how to sell nothing and still generate income on autopilot every month.

The review reveals how the guide and videos deliver step by step instructions on what to do. No stone is left unturned. The guide was made available at a time of financial downturn which is seen as a positive thing.

By the bold claim saying that there is no selling involved, what this means is that one can install PPI (Pay Per Install) software on their site and ask people to download it for free. When someone goes to this website and downloads the software the original owner gets paid and hence the affiliate also gets paid. This is just a brief summary of how you get paid with no selling involved.

You will learn first hand how to make money online easily and on autopilot. And the best thing about the whole thing is the fact that you don not have to sell anything to make consistent money. This information cannot be retrieved anywhere else on the web.

According to the ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review it is a very unique piece of information. It is an entire step by step video series and is also packed with serious usable content.

I could not go into too much detail without coming across as if I was selling something in the article body. So if you want to know more about how to make money without selling a darn thing [http://www.clickbankaffiliateloopholereview.blogspot.com]click here to view a review about this new product. You will be amazed.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?ClickBank-Affiliate-Loophole-Review&id=3467519] ClickBank Affiliate Loophole Review

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7 Ways to Guarantee Your Affiliate Marketing Success!
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Swarup_Rajsekar]Swarup Rajsekar

Are you over-worked in a job that doesn’t make you feel happy? Do you earn lesser income than you wish for after working 40 hours every week?

Let’s face it. Many people continue working from paycheck to paycheck in hope of a drastic increase in their income from annual appraisals or bonuses.

While this is a good way of earning a sizable income through a job, thousands of people have discovered a way of using the internet to make at least 10 times the money from the same effort and in lesser time by using a technique called Affiliate Marketing.

1) Always stay focused at what you’re trying to achieve.

Many people write about staying focused as a conclusion. However, I thought it would get maximum importance by putting it right on the top. It is the most important step above everything else. Making money on the internet is fun. Just like anything new, we all learn how to walk before we can run. Stay enthusiastic while learning new concepts and doing new things. You will surely make LOTS of money.

2) Your passions and hobbies are the best place start.

Write a list of all your favorite passions, hobbies and interests. Also keep an eye out for popular topics or advertisements on TV Shows. There’s a good chance that MANY people all over the world share the same passions too. Shortlist the top 5 niches that interest you most. Keep your mind open to various possibilities. You’ll be surprised by the variety of things out there.

3) How many people are already looking for solutions on the internet?

Use Google’s FREE “Keyword Research Tool” to find out the number of monthly search queries. Example: “learn to play guitar” has 74,000 monthly searches in the US. Your keyword phrases could also get specific like: “electric guitar lessons”, which has 9,900 monthly searches. Although the latter has lower search volume, it is easier to sell because they know exactly what they want. Make sure the niche is profitable even before you move on the next step.

4) Find many products that can promoted to your niche as an affiliate.

As an affiliate marketer, you do NOT need to own any product. There are plenty of products that already have positive reviews and testimonials on the internet. You can partner with these product owners and earn commissions anywhere between 50% and 75% (digital products) each time a sale gets generated through your referral. To find affiliate programs in your niche visit ClickBank, Commission Junction, eBay, ShareASale or Linkshare.

5) Setup a lead generation system. Your most important asset.

Setup an automated system to gather contact information of potential leads that visit your website, blog or squeeze page. You will need an Autoresponder like AWeber to keep in touch with all your subscribers via weekly newsletters. Build a good relationship by sending them quality content on strategies, industry updates, news, and affiliate promotions.

6) Drive traffic and make money.

Once your automated system has been setup, it will work for you 24/7. Start focusing on traffic generation using various FREE methods such as article submissions, blog commenting, facebook pages and forum signatures. Pick one or two sources. You should be able to master them in a couple of weeks. Your automated system will take care of the sales process on its own.

7) Track and improve performance based on statistics.

Monitor your traffic sources. See which sources are generating more leads. Look for ways to improve it. Analyze how traffic responds after they come to your website, blog, squeeze page or sales page. Tweak the system to improve its performance.

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?7-Ways-to-Guarantee-Your-Affiliate-Marketing-Success!&id=5069797] 7 Ways to Guarantee Your Affiliate Marketing Success!

4 Crucial Hubpages SEO Tips For Your Published Web Content
By Benjamin J King

When it comes to Hubpages, SEO is just as important as SEO is on a normal website that you may have. While Hubpages has the trust, authority and good page ranking from Google you should still be doing all on page and off page SEO to ensure that you are getting a good ranking within the search engines. One of the good things though about using Hubpages for your content is that you can generally build quality backlinks at a faster rate than say a website that is only 3 months old.

If you build links on a website that is new at a fast rate you can run the risk of having your website sandboxed by Google, meaning that your website will become de indexed from the search engine. I have been using Hubpages for nearly 2 years now and have tried several strategies to do with link building and affiliate programs I have worked out what works and what doesn’t.

Building backlinks is a crucial aspect to a new website or page if you want to successfully start getting visitors to your pages. The are many other factors though such as on page and off page optimization.

4 Must have Tips are:

1. URL Keywords. That is the keywords that appear in your address to that page. Make sure you can include some keywords you want to rank for in the URL.

2. Title Tags for your pages. Another very important step as Google and the other big search engines will always try and find the most relevant pages to put at the top of the users search.

3. Backlinks from similar and related websites. It is not good to get backlinks from a website about cars for example if your website is about health.

4. Social Media also plays a big part now as Web 2.0 becomes more and more popular. So much Social Media links are shared through ‘word of mouth’ advertising. Share a link that is unique, maybe even controversial and see the reaction it has!

To see more tips on using Hubpages for your Web Content please visit Hubpages SEO Tips

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Benjamin_J_King

How to Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business Earning $3K Per Month From Home Without Any Money
By Benjamin J King

The Affiliate Marketing Business is growing, more and more people are wanting the freedom of working from home full time instead of going to their 9-5 jobs everyday. I know, I was one of them a couple of years back. Sick and tired of working long hours, then sitting in traffic for another couple of hours each way when I knew if I put in the effort I was putting in for my boss that I could be making at least double what I was being paid.

When you first start Affiliate Marketing there are so many different programs out there and so many different methods of marketing that a lot of people get lost within the marketing itself and don’t know how to take action because they are overloaded with a lot of information in a short time that they simply can’t absorb all at once, in fact when I started Affiliate Marketing I was one of these people as well.

It wasn’t until I sat down and came up with a plan that I actually started making money. I am going to share with you a couple of tips about ‘how to make money online’. These are:

1. Be prepared to put in hours of work without seeing immediate results. This one is important to realise that sometimes you have to put in a fair bit of work and then later down the track you see the results not overnight.

2. Write down a method of day to day activities to complete for your new Affiliate Marketing Business and stick to it. You need to give yourself a set time each day and set goals to achieve within your business.

3. When you first start Affiliate Marketing do not rush out and buy a website straight away. Instead use free methods and website space to get yourself started. Later on after you have started making money then invest that money in a website. Remember your first product you choose to market may not be a hit, you don’t want a website sitting there completely useless because the product was a poor seller.

4. Keyword Research is vital to your business on the internet. You need to properly seek out keywords which both get traffic and are ‘selling keywords’, it is no good getting traffic to keywords which get people looking for something for free as it is very hard to convert them into a buyer if they have it in their head that they want this for free.

5. Never ever stop educating yourself. This is something to always remember even for experienced Internet Marketers like myself. The minute you stop educating yourself, it gives room for someone with new knowledge to come in and take over.

With these simple steps it is reasonable to say that within 3 months and having researched 5 good quality affiliate products to work with you could be earning $3,000 a month. If you stick with your goals you basically have to make $20 off each of your 5 affiliate products a day which I can definitely say I had exceeded by the 3 month stage.

Internet Marketer specialising in ClickBank Promotion and SEO. Watch my success and follow the exact same methods that I have used to start your own online success at My Affiliate Strategy

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Benjamin_J_King

Black Hat Affiliate Marketing

Black Hat Affiliate Marketing

Author: Justin Brown

There seem to be numerous methods that affiliate marketers use to earn their commissions these days. Adding affiliate links to websites, emails, instant messengers, articles, e-books, pay-per-click ads, banners, and any other form of media are all popular affiliate marketing strategies. Success comes to them when people click those links, get tracked by a cookie uploaded to their computer and then make a purchase from the affiliate program’s website. Then the affiliate gets a check in the mail for all the commissions earned.


Fully Accredited SEO Promotion Better Ranks/Traffic/Sales/Bookings http://www.MagicSeoBot.com

Recently though, there have been some new affiliate marketing tactics that are creating a bit of a stir in the affiliate marketing communities. It seems that an elite group of marketers are using some questionable methods to increase their commissions that have been labeled as “black hat” affiliate marketing tactics. So who are these elite, and what are their black hat tactics?

The elite group of black hatters is headed by a sly programmer named John Reel. He’s created a program that cloaks affiliate links like no other link cloaker you’ve ever seen before. That’s right; this one does a few things differently.

– One of the black hat features is that it will create framed links. This means that the link you see in the address bar will not be for the actual website you land on by clicking it. Also, the title bar in your browser will say whatever message the black hatter affiliate wants you to see.

– Another one of the more powerful features of this black hat affiliate tool is the ability to embed affiliate cookies into your links. This allows the affiliate marketer to load their affiliate cookie onto your computer before you even land on the destination URL, and therefore there is no need to use the affiliate code tagged onto the end of the URL. It will appear as though the link is not an affiliate link at all, and yet the black hatter will still secretly earn the commission.

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– Taken a step further, this cookie embedding process can also allow the black hat affiliate to embed multiple affiliate cookies into their link for the affiliate program that they’re promoting as well as any competitors cookies. This way, if the customer doesn’t buy from the site you send them to and then later ends up on a competitors’ site, the black hat affiliate still earns the commission.

– Now taking this feature another step further, this black hat affiliate tool can secretly hide rotating affiliate cookies embedded within a webpage. This sneaky tactic allows for cookie after cookie to be added for numerous affiliate programs that are all tracked to the black hat affiliate.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/affiliate-programs-articles/black-hat-affiliate-marketing-3161893.html

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JobsFromHomeOz | July 13, 2010

If you want to know how you can make money onli…
JobsFromHomeOz | July 13, 2010

Free Downline Builder for GDI – We help build your Downline FREE

If you want to know how you can make money online with affiliate programs such as PeopleString, GDI and Infinity Downline then the Bear Marketing System is definately the system for you. My name is Benjamin King and I am a 27 year old Internet Marketer from Ryde, Sydney, Australia.

I have been an Internet Marketer for 2 years now and have worked with many affiliate programs such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Adsense. The key to being succesful with any affiliate programs is having good quality landing pages as well as high quality targeted traffic.

I have chosen to market my programs with video marketing as well as social media websites such as Hubpages, Twitter and Facebook. There are thousands of websites out there that you can successfully use to market your affiliate program but what if you could have one marketing system to bring them altogether. This way you only need to share the one link and you have the ability to market across several affiliate programs with the click of a button.

The marketing system is known as the (BMS) Bear Marketing System and was designed by Brian Bear who was and still is a top affiliate of GDI (Global Domains International) and The Spiderweb Marketing System. You have the ability to market affiliate programs such as People String and the Infinity Downline system. Best of all you can choose what you want to sign up for and market. If you choose not to go with the Infinity Downline Affiliate Program for instance you can simply leave it out and go on to the next step.

I like to market with social media such as Hubpages and Twitter because of the interaction with your customers but you can use other methods if you want, although when you join with me I will give you access to my marketing traffic strategy for getting visitors to Hubpages. It comes in a PDF Ebook and is your Blueprint to success if you want it.

Visit http://www.makemoneyonlinefreeinfo.com for more information.

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Howto & Style


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1,093,333 Visits without a Search Engine – Click here

One of the first steps to Maximising your Income with Hubpages should be to make sure that your Hubs are at least getting traffic.  You can view this through your account statistics page over at Hubpages.

Make sure that you use very clear Title Tags on all of your Hubs and make sure that they are relavant to your Hub.

The use of Key Phrases is something that is often ignored when writing a new hub and I suggest that you go back and check to make sure that you have used Key Phrases as this can really help your search engine ranking if someone is searching for that phrase within the search engines and not directly at Hubpages.

A lot of Hubbers I have noticed are going for longer tailed keywords when writing Title Tags for their Hubs.  This can work very well to getting traffic but you should always research and make sure that people are actually searching for those keywords otherwise your Hub wont receive a lot of traffic.

Be sure to always Build Backlinks to your Hubs.  I cannot stress enough of how this will benefit your Hub in the long run.  You don’t want to get a heap of traffic at the start and watch it die off as time goes on, you want the traffic to keep on increasing and you can do this through building backlinks.  It is like a snowball effect, once you build backlinks and people visit your Hub and like it, they start linking back giving you even more backlinks as long as your Hubs are full of excellent and unique content which will also benefit you with Hubpages Best Hubscore.

It is also worth noting that there are other streams of income that you can use on Hubpages besides the main 4 that they offer, that being Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and Kontera.  Besides that you can use affiliate programs such as Clickbank to increase on page revenue within your Hubpages.  I have successfully been using Clickbank as well as a couple of my own PLR Information Products to make money online using Hubpages, as well as the Supertips Paypal Program. Find out more about promoting Clickbank here

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Together with my Free Report you can learn exactly how to Market GDI and be bringing in fresh, strong and quality leads each and every week and building your downline. 

Imagine bringing in 50 people for the week and earning a $1,000 bonus on top of your monthly residual income.  Well with GDI (Global Domains International) this is possible.  Watch the video below for proof of income with GDI.



Currently this is how the week of June ending 6th June 2010 is looking for the GDI Leaderboards.  You could be appearing on here!!!

Weekly Potential Leaderboard
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Amount New Signups Affiliate Name City State  Country 
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$100 7 Tanakit Kongboonvijit Nakhonpathom NP TH
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$100 6 Chokchai Sirorattanakul Muang PATHUMTHANI TH
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$100 6 Bupparit Loungprom samphan NAKHONPATHOM TH
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