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FAQ About the Peter Butler Betfair Methods Ebook PDF Download

Question: Does the Peter Butler 50 Per Day Betfair Method come with how to videos as well or just the PDF Ebook?

Answer: Pete provides you with videos showing how to place your bets and identify selections as well as the PDF Ebook. The videos are neatly organised and very easy to follow for a beginner to Betfair.

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Question: Why is Pete’s ₤50 Per Day Betfair System in showing in GBP on the Clickbank MMFORUM payment screen when I am in Australia?

Answer: The reason for this is that the Clickbank Vendor, that is Peter Butler resides in the U.K. Simply select the right currency if it isn’t showing for you in the right hand corner of the Clickbank Payment Screen

Question: How much money can I make with the ₤50 Per Day System?

Answer: We can only base this on past results which indicate a clear ₤15,000 GBP in a year on modest betting with Betfair. This equates to an average weekly earning of ₤288. Using Pete’s Betfair Method and using a progressive staking plan in there on your bankroll you can turn this figure into a lot more. Again though, this is based on past results and although indicates what you can earn potentially in the future there is no guarantee on exact figures.

Betfair Method Testimonial

Question: How much experience does one need to use Pete’s Betfair Method?

Answer: Looking at the videos that Pete provides you with and the well set out PDF Ebook I can tell you that you don’t need anything more than just that. Everything is explained in detail that you are able to easily pick it up. Betfair is a complex betting site but because Peter Butler doesn’t fluff up his videos and Ebook with overhyped garbage you are just presented with the facts making it easy to set up your bets.

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Best Staking Plan for Even Money Bets

The best staking plan for an even money bet which you may encounter from time to time using Pete’s Betfair Methods is a 1 2 4 6 staking plan.  The 1 2 4 6 staking plan works by using what is known as an incremental staking plan.  You simply draw up a chart like the below and follow this method

1 2 4 6 staking plan

These can be used as staking plans for favourites as they can work on low dividends being paid and is a low risk high reward staking plan.  You can see from the above that with just 2 wins at 2/1 out of 4 bets and you are already in front $25 on your $100 bankroll.  This just compounds your winnings by using a staking plan instead of level stakes betting.  Because betting on favourites is considered a high strike rate but low odds strategy for winning you need to be able to return a profit.  When I say betting favourites is high strike rate I am talking about choosing your bets wisely and being able to return a strike rate of 35% or more.  With Pete’s Betfair Methods you should be able to improve even more with his strategy for picking more value runners but again be selective with your picking of favourites.

Another one to look at is Wentworth Park Greyhound Racing Systems for some handy tips on how to win money at the dog track.  Learn how to read a dog track program as well as handicapping tips to select winners at tracks such as Wentworth Park and Mandurah.  Even Laying Greyhounds for a Living at these tracks can be a good dog racing betting strategy when you know what to look out for.

Using staking plans isn’t just for Horse Racing, you can use it on strategies such as betting on Tennis Favourites or a system like the Tennis Cash System PDF and Soccer Betting Systems.  Using a staking plan like this on low risk football trading strategies can definitely improve your P.O.T.  To download a copy of Pete’s Betfair Methods click here

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