Obtaining Fake Views with EzineArticles is setting you up for absolute disaster.
If you have been one of those people who have recently purchased Scrapebox with the thought of pinging your EzineArticles heaps of times through the use of proxies to get views then I have some news for you, it wont work.  You see the people at EzineArticles are pretty smart and like to keep the rubbish articles out of EzineArticles as well as cheaters. 

Yes by pinging your articles through proxies using Scrapebox you are actually cheating the system as far as getting into the Top 10 Most viewed on EA.  Until recently these people had an unfair advantage over the rest of us Article Marketers who actually take the time to research and put together well written articles and we stood very little chance of getting our well deserved articles into the Top 10 because users of Scrapebox were pinging that many times that they were getting thousands of views within just a couple of hours, “Fake views that is”.

Not only this but you will also find yourself banned very quickly from EzineArticles if they catch you trying to bump up the views using these ‘shady little tricks’.  There are plenty of ways to actually get decent views to your articles through marketing them properly, that is proper keyword research and product research.

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