I have made quite a few sales with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook.

Today I just wanted to share with you a few ways in which I have marketed the Ebook very successfully online. This is also to prove that this Ebook is in fact no scam at all. I have blocked out the email addresses, names for privacy reasons only.

It all starts back in October 2009. I was on Google searching for PLR Ebooks when I saw an ad on the right hand side of Google. These are the sponsored listings within Google known as Google Adwords.

The ad caught my attention as it read “How I sacked Google”. It made me laugh a little because the ad was being shown on Google so how could they have sacked Google?

It got me interested though and I decided to click on the link to see what it was. As I read on I soon realised that Harvey Segal had indeed sacked Google but because of the rebrandable book that he gives away for you to make money with, a member had shown the initiative to run a PPC campaign in Google with it.  I imagine he would of had a lot of success with this as it grabbed my attention and I hardly ever click those ads. Upon clicking the page I discovered that it was all about a “Viral Marketing” Ebook that Harvey gives away. You can download it and then simply give it away through a website you may own or through Facebook etc. There is so many different ways you can market this ebook. There are people making money of it through simply having a link to the book within their forum signature. Imagine if you are an active forum user that has over 1,000 posts and you can add in a link about making money from a free ebook. That is 1,000 times that your link is out there.

You can make $10 or $37 from each user that downloads and signs up for membership. There are two different levels of membership and that is why there are two different amounts you can receive.

If you only sign up for $10 membership then you can only make $10 from each new person that downloads and signs up even if they take out a $37 membership. That is why I highly recommend signing up for the $37 one to begin with.

All it takes is you to pay your $37, advertise your link free of charge somewhere and have one person download and sign up for the $37 package and you have made every bit of your money back. Anything on top is just pure profit.

I have had quite a few sales to date from using this ebook and I have provided proof screenshots right here where you can see that Benjamin King (myself) has actually had payments made straight to my paypal account.

Ok lets go over what you get for your money when you sign up for membership.

You get of course your 37 page ebook labeled The Ultimate Supertip

Tips on getting traffic to your website.

Preselling with articles

Information on Autoresponders (a must in the internet marketing business)

Guide to Clickbank

PDF Creation software ( I believe this is valued at $50, that you get entirely free)

You get your Supertips Ebook rebranded so that you can give it away and make money with it

You get additional Ebooks with full resale rights that you can package into existing products you may have or sell it on its own.

Its all there in a 37 page Ebook. Have a look for yourself by clicking The Ultimate Supertip by Harvey Segal link now

I have personally marketed this book in a few ways including Signatures within Forums I am active on, I have written an article on it which has been very successful.

Also have submitted it to Digg, Craigslist and used as a Facebook Update Status with a great deal of success.