When promoting Clickbank Products I usually start by taking a look through the first 2 or 3 pages after selecting to view the products by popularity level.

I then sort them by looking for products that are under 100 points of gravity as the competition is a lot less than say the Reverse Phone Detective for instance which is around about 400 gravity.

Always look at the % referred. It is no good if you are promoting a product where only 50% are referred but has a gravity of 100 or so. This means that most people are either purchasing straight through the main website or are wiping off affiliate hop links and replacing them with their own. You will notice that this happens a lot with Make Money Online Products with Clickbank. I am talking about programs such as Affiliate Make Money Online Ebooks and Training Videos, not say a survey site where the consumer might just be looking for an extra bit of income online but doesn’t understand what Clickbank is all about. The people who know what Clickbank is all about are the ones who will refuse to go through your hoplink and replace it with their own.

Always make sure that you do plenty of research in Google on the product you wish to promote. Say for example you wanted to promote the Maverick Money Makers. You would go to google and type in for example “Maverick Money Makers Scam Review” and see what it returns. Basically if it is getting a really bad name out there then chances are it is going to be impossible to promote or even if you do get a sale it could probably end in a refund given that Clickbank have their 60 day refund policy in place with no questions asked!!!

You can either promote via your website, blogs, social media. I find that a great way to promote products though is via Hubpages and I have a complete How to Guide available here.