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No matter what it is that you are marketing as an Affiliate, it is always important to have the proof of payments that you are getting paid.  There are several different payment methods which include the use of Paypal.  A lot of affiliate programs and marketers are paid via Paypal.  It is a convenient way to be paid and in most cases is an instant payment.  I have included 2 Affiliate Programs that I use to be paid instant Paypal Payments and here is the proof that I am being paid.

The first one is Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook: This is paid via Paypal when someone signs up for the ebook membership.  I am paid in $10 and $37 payments and you can see proof of these at Make Money Online with Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip Ebook

The Affiliate Marketing program that I am paid payments via Paypal is GDI (Global Domains International).  Below is another video of Paypal Live logins showing payments.