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Mark Lyford was a successful Internet Marketer 10 years ago. He was earning huge recurring incomes until his online business hit a few little rough spots. This caused him to go from earning millions of dollars online to being close to bankruptcy. To help support his family he made the mistake of growing marajuana in a commercial space. Well he got caught and went to jail for a couple of years.


Now he is out and ready to get back on track with Internet Marketing. He has a debt of $400,000 which he is going to clear through money made from Internet Marketing and then start his journey to making $1,000,000 online.

I have just been reading about Mark Lyford on the Warrior Forum as he was offering a great WSO.

Mark Lyford has set up a website and blogs his comeback as an Internet Marketer called the Millionaire Challenge.

You can signup at his website and track his journey from going from $400,000 US debt to becoming a millionaire.  He has started from the ground up with zero dollars to build up his online business.
If you have Twitter then why not follow his success there as well www.twitter.com/marklyford

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