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www.freedom.ws Long description time… (video via the link explains everything in detail. Hi, I’m Tom Buckland recently I have been searching for ways to make money online, I believe I have found a way that not only guarantee money but also has a free trail. Global domains international. GDI is a profitable, fast and free for 7 days method to make money online, This website pays you per month per referral, now I know this doesn’t sound like allot but continue. Put bluntly the more people you refer the more money you get. After your 7 day free trial it costs a month. You only need to refer 10 people for your monthly fee to become 0! And that’s

Global-Domains-International-Review.ws GLOBAL DOMAINS INTERNATIONAL Review – Is GDI a Scam? After hearing a lot of conversation about Global Domains International Review, so I figured it was time to write GDI and get an explanation of what this opportunity is all about. http Exactly what is GDI — It stands for Global Domains International. This is organization is selling the domain name, “.WS” around the world, and has done so for the past 8 years, as if this writing. The Company — Alan Ezeir (President) and Michael Reed (CEO) are the founders. This company, Global Domains International Inc., was established in 2000. Global-Domains-International-Website.ws Their Product — Are you asking “so what IS “.WS” domain? It is considered to be a top level domain extension, much like “.COM”. Each of the nations received a unique top level domain, examples being “.US” for the United States, “.UK” for the United Kingdom. This domain that’s in question here has now been assigned to Samoa. Being forward thinkers, Alan and Michael saw an opportunity to begin promoting the “.WS” domain. They quickly realized what a huge seller it would be if they could market it as the short word for “Web Site.” You always start out domain registrations with the 7 day Free Trial, and at the end of the free trial period you’re billed monthly. That charge covers URL forwarding, a web site builder and web hosting, and 10 email accounts. Compensation Plan — Because this is a 5 Level Plan, you are

every single month, for the rest of your life! Now the way you make real big money with this site is: The pyramid effect, you refer 10 people, they then refer 10 and then 10 for 5 generations, or five layers of the pyramid, you still get paid until that 5th generation! so you referring one person can lead to thousands of people being referred hence why you still get paid and paid allot! GDI is a web hosting site that offers domain names in the .ws format that you can use for whatever you want, I use mine for my holiday reviews when I travel abroad and hope to eventually write a book with the information in that site, so you can choose your domain name and use it for whatever purpose you want. I know some of my referrals use theirs as their business website, one is a cafe another is a violin repair shop, the point is it