Horse Racing

Layzeedays – Horse Racing Lay Tips by Julian Hatfield.

For the month of March below are the full results of his lay tips.

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The system being used by Julian Hatfield is based upon selecting horses that have great value and have the best chance of losing that race.

You know ahead of time usually the night before what the selections are for the following day and they are emailed to you or texted whichever you prefer.

The maximum liability on your betfair bank account at any one time is 9%
eg. start with a $200 bank and risk $18.

The results of profit are as follows.

January 2010 : $2,205 profit
February 2010: $1,960 profit
March 2010: $2,520 profit
April 2010: $1,994 profit
May 2010: $330 profit
June 2010: $1,715 profit
July 2010: $1,025 loss
August 2010: $2,260 profit
September 2010: 1,360 profit

As you can see there have only been 2 poor months that these laying bets didn’t perform using Betfair.

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Last nights Greyhound Results:

Wentworth Park R1 No 6 Confused Tommy $24.70/5.30
Wentworth Park R2 No 5 Dollys Hand $7.00/2.30
Wentworth Park R3 No 5-MISS PENNYPACKER 8.20 1.40
Wentworth Park R4 No 4-FORTY TWENTY 1.70 0 Place Dividends
Wentworth Park R5 No 3-CALLAMAC LAD 24.60 8.40
Wentworth Park R6 No 8-HOCKEY FAN 7.90 2.20
Wentworth Park R7 No 8-ART OF DESIRE 9.00 2.50
Wentworth Park R8 No 1-ABOUT TIME MATE 5.90 2.00
Wentworth Park R9 No 8-LIZARD MAN 3.30 1.40
Wentworth Park R10 No 5-LOUD MOUSE 3.60 1.20

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