Jonathan Budd’s Get Traffic 3.0 Facebook PPC Coaching Program Review
By []Adam Holland

The “Get Traffic 3.0” Facebook PPC Coaching Program is launching right around the corner, and it’s vitally important you understand WHY Jonathan Budd decided to create this program and what it could do for your business. Here’s 3 reasons why you should keep your eye out for this training:

Facebook KILLS Google and Yahoo

With Google slaps running rampant throughout the home business industry, everyone seems to be running around like they’re a chicken with their head cut off looking for ways to get traffic. Meanwhile, Facebook is staring them in the face (no joke – according to Neilson stats the average users spends 7 hours per month on Facebook… Google and Yahoo are only around TWO hours per month each. How’s that for traffic?)

The user base is absolutely HUGE at over 116 million unique visitors per month and still growing.

So there’s TONS of opportunity to direct traffic from Facebook to your website or offer.

Get Traffic 3.0 – How To Target Your Ideal Customer Like a Marketing Pro

When you’re out doing search engine marketing (specifically pay-per-click) it’s pretty easy to come up with different keywords that your ideal customer is searching for. You’re basically talking about listing out the number of problems or complaints they may have, and then advertising your solution.


But Facebook is a little different. You can actually target people by what content they “LIKE” and what groups they’re a part of. For instance, if I want to attract high income professionals to an offer that I’m promoting, I can find a long list of small business groups on Facebook and have my ad show up right in front of them.

If I was selling a travel product, I could easily find groups associated with travel and target them as well. Really – you’re only limited by your imagination and what offers you want to promote.

Get Facebook Traffic – Ad Creative Secret

After doing quite a bit of my own research on Facebook advertising (I’m talking free webinars and paid courses of all shapes and sizes), I’ve noticed that the biggest and most important aspect of your ad creative is the IMAGE. What image you select to represent your offer is vital to your campaign and can severely effect the number of clicks your ad gets.

And get this: if your ad gets more clicks, Facebook rewards you with a lower cost per click.

Imagine two people that both spend the same amount in advertising, but the first one has a better ad that gets more clicks. Now that same ad budget, get more clicks, and thus more LEADS for their business. Which one is going to survive in the marketplace?

Yep, the first one. So when the Get Traffic 3.0 Facebook PPC training comes out, pay VERY close attention to any module that discusses images in your ads.

Should I Invest In The Get Traffic 3.0 Course?

That’s entirely up to you.

If you do get it I highly suggest researching if there are any []Get Traffic 3.0 Bonus offers available. The course will be worth it I’m sure, but it’s a good idea to get more bang for your buck.

Adam Holland is the owner and CEO of Revolution, and an expert in online lead generation.

Article Source: [] Jonathan Budd’s Get Traffic 3.0 Facebook PPC Coaching Program Review