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From time to time I am asked about different horse racing /greyhound racing investment opportunities / betting systems as I have a strong interest in the racing industry and have developed and used quite a few successful systems over the years. 

2 Systems that I currently market being the 3 Strategy Roulette System and the $6,000 profit in 90 days Greyhound System .  These 2 systems were both developed by myself and have been used successfully for a long period of time to ensure that they both live up to my expectations.

Now one system that keeps popping up with so many clients, family and friends is the Intervest Global Live Business.  Intervest is the software program developed by a company called Trilogics.  They have been around for a number of years and have had some very impressive figures as well as glossy brochures… 

Intervest Global Live Software runs off from what I can understand the TAB Data Feed.  The TAB Data Feed is the odds and other information on the size of the win pools and place pools, trifecta, quinella pools etc.  It is also run from the NSWTAB Data Feed which is usually seen as being the biggest pool in Australian TAB Betting.  What the software can do is show you where all the money is going.  Lets say a horse is paying $5.50 10 minutes before the race starts and is backed in to $2.20 30 seconds before the race jumps and the size of the win pool has risen substantially there would be reason to speculate that a lot of money had been dropped on the horse paying $2.20 in the last 10 minutes.  It also gives you a lot more information but it is all based on odds.

So exactly how does Intervest Global Live Software calculate this?

Well the Intervest Software feeds from the TAB Data Flow and tracks every dollar placed on every single horse in real time and is able to calculate where you can profit by covering a race with up to 60 different trifecta bets.

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Summing up :

Intervest has been running for over 8 years and has over 1000 clients to date but there are mixed reviews about whether or not it is a scam.  I myself don’t think that it is a SCAM as such but I do believe that it is not an investment and is a gamble.  The $20,000 price tag that some customers have been offered also seems a little steep in my opinion.

Watch this GDI Video by Brian Bear below for proof of payment!

Horse Racing