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Since we first launched our Income for Life affiliate program in May of 2004, we’ve had people asking us “How do I earn the BIG bucks in GDI?”. We’ve been running incredible referral contests, with many reps earning thousands of dollars in bonus money per month. However, for you serious players – the people who want to shoot for the moon – we’re about to answer the BIG QUESTION, “How do I earn the big bucks in GDI?”.

By getting paid on ALL levels, down to infinity, that’s how!

When you earn the “Infinity Override” bonus, you’ll begin earning commissions on an infinite number of levels in your organization, not just the five levels that are directly below you. For full details on the new Infinity Bonus and how to earn it, visit our contests information page at the “Current Bonus Contests” section.

If you want to get a fast start in growing your organization, we suggest you also download our GDI Wealth Guide as soon as possible. This manual will give you some great promotional tips you can start using right away to build your income with GDI.
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