I hear the following time and time again:

“I am a member of GDI and I need to get traffic to my site so I can start making some money.  Have you got any ideas?”
If you are struggling to get traffic to your GDI signup pages then you may want to read the information below:

Getting traffic with GDI can be a hard task to begin with but I assure you that it is possible to get plenty of traffic going to your pages.  There are several different ways to do it.  You can signup to a Traffic Exchange like the one on the right of this page, where you surf peoples pages and in return they surf your pages.  You need to sign up with a Traffic Exchange that offers 1:1 ratio for showing your website to make this work to the best of its ability though. 

Another way you can get traffic to your website is through Article Marketing and I recommend you check out How to get your Article into the Top 10 at EzineArticles. When you have an article in the Top 10 on EzineArticles you are going to get the maximum amount of exposure to your article which is going to mean more traffic and more signups.   There is also another great article I recommend you check out called How I made $1,000 with EzineArticles.

You should also try and build backlinks to both your Articles and your GDI website, if you aren’t familiar with building backlinks then you should check out the free guide to creating easy backlinks.

Email Marketing is another great way to bring in new subscribers and if you use this together with your Article Marketing you can bring in a flood of signups because these people are looking for money making opportunities, not only will you be able to sell them on the GDI affiliate program but also other affiliate programs you may have further down the track.

Also you should sign up to one of the free gdi marketing systems available.  These will also get you earning money not only with GDI but also in other affiliate programs so you will just market the one link and make money across a whole range of affiliate programs, you can read more about this at the Bear Marketing System Review