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Hubpages can be an excellent source of traffic for your website.  Did you know though that creating a Hub that becomes a “Hot Hub” can really explode your traffic though?  Whether you are writing for a hobby or you are an affiliate marketer or just trying to make a bit of extra income from Amazon or Adsense wouldn’t it be better to know the secrets behind creating killer high traffic hubs?

Well now you can.  I have been using Hubpages for quite a while now and know exactly how to capture traffic and bring sales flowing into my Paypal and Clickbank accounts on a daily basis.  Have a look at some of these screenshots for your own piece of mind.  Those were results of well put together Hubs.  I trialed 4 Clickbank Products along with another product I was selling at the time from my own personal Ebook collection with the option of an upsell and as you can see from the results I made quite a bit of money from it. 

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Well things have just gotten a whole lot better as my earnings just continue to grow.  Now I am sharing my knowledge with you.  The reason why I am not keeping this secret is that it is impossible to saturate this traffic method.  There are literally millions of things out there you can write about and market so the possibility of you marketing the same product as me is not a worry to me.  These Hot Hub secrets are secrets that the top hubbers at Hubpages do not want you knowing. 

Did you know that building backlinks to your hubs can increase your Google Ranking better than if you were building backlinks to your very own website? Well it can and the reason it can is that Hubpages has a very good Google Pagerank and is one of the most popular websites on the internet right now.  For this reason Google loves it and gives a lot more preferance in the rankings to Hubs.

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