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The main part of Tissa Godavitarne’s business is the people search engine. You can send people to a customized search engine in which you get to choose your own domain name. Once people get there they can do FREE people searches. They also can get more in depth information that costs money and that is where you can make commissions from ClickBank, HD Publishing, MyLife, Google Adsense and Commission Junction.

So you can see that Tissa Godavitarne and his ACME People Search platform have created a place to funnel people through a system to make you money. Each of the income streams relate to each other and make it so that you can move from one purchase to the next in a very methodical fashion. So are you serious about having your own online business or are you just looking for a quick buck? If you are looking for something fast and now then this is not for you, but if you are into long-term success and building your own online business than this would be a perfect fit.