How to get rich with Google Adwords, GDI, Clickbank

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Today I would like to talk to you about Google Adwords and Clickbank. These 2 Products can make people a lot of money. First off for those who don’t know about Clickbank. Think of it as a big shopping centre for digital products. People may be doing a search for an e-book for example. They will conduct a search for the e-book and Clickbank may have it. This is where you come in. You can become an affiliate with Clickbank and earn commissions on all sales you make. The problem is advertising to be noticed and get people to buy from you. Things you will need for this to work. First off you will need a website. Now you can go with your own website company whatever that may be, but I suggest GDI. You see with GDI not only will you have the opportunity to make money off sales for your clickbank products but you will also have the opportunity of making money off GDI. GDI is a website company that pays you $100 for each 5 people who signup with them for a website. They also have a 5 level deep downline which they pay you $1 for. As previously explained in some of my other blogs they will pay 5 levels deep and if everyone was to refer just 5 people each you would be receiving a monthly income of $3125 each and every month. Sound too good to be true??? I have the proof available at Ok so getting back to Clickbank. After you have set up a website you will want to find items on Clickbank which you can advertise. The way to look for good products to market is a combination of things. Will people want to buy it? How much does it cost? How much will I make per sale? That last one is very important because when it comes to advertising with Google Adwords you want to make sure your Google advertising is not going to cost more than the sale. I mean what would be the point of that right?? So after looking at products that you would like to market the next step is to go and set up a Google Adwords account if you don’t already have one. They are very easy to operate. Now after you have set it all up you are going to have to enter keywords for your website and products. This is where you really need to think. You see you have to bid on keywords for good placement on Googles page. I find the most effective way is to really think like the customer and think about what words they might use. I will always try and go for words they use that will only cost around .20c PPC, but at the same time getting good placement with Google. I suggest you try this out with a budget of say $5.00 or $10.00 for the first day and see if you get any sales. Don’t rush straight in and set up a $200.00 a day campaign. You have to trial your campaigns and make sure that what you are trying to sell will actually infact sell. Stay posted for more blogs coming soon. You can also find more information at Making Money Online with Internet Marketer Benjamin King about making money online.