How to Improve Your WordPress Blog With Plugins

Author: Marie Coles

WordPress, probably, the best and most used blog on the internet is well loved not only cause of its usability, but its add ons/plugins, which improve your blogs performance and effectiveness. WordPress has hundreds of ‘plugins’ – all created to suit bloggers need whatever the reason they may be blogging for.

A few gadgets on your WordPress blog will not only help you effectively and easily write your articles, but will keep it user friendly. Gadgets will help deliver all the information your readers may need, without them putting in much effort, making the blogging process and reading effortless! Here’s a few of the most useful plugins that can help you reach your target audience…
Akismet: A favourite among WordPress bloggers. Already built-in to WordPress, this plug in makes comment spam fighting an automatic job, rather than a manual one. You’ll find after activating this ‘plug-in’, you will spend a small amount of time moderating comments.

Blog Protector: It’s easy for people to copy your work these days on the internet. Avoid article theft, by using this plugin, which protects you content and images. You can be assured with this gadget that your content is yours – and yours alone!

Headspace 2: Sick of spending most of your time on SEO? Just want to write great articles instead? Well, now there’s a plugin that manages most of your SEO for you! It has been designed with reaching the top in mind, so if you want to be at the top of your game this plugin is worth having.

SEO Slugs: a handy plugin that converts your post title for the slug to the basic keywords. It gets rid of all those unneeded words, so that it can focus upon those ever important keywords!

SEO Smart Links: The easiest way to build up your page rank. With this handy plugin, you can interlink your articles. It automatically links through the keywords your articles on similar subjects, making it easier for readers to find your articles upon the same subject.

WP-DBM Manager: The most important gadget when it comes to website protection, as it backs-up your website. A most important tool on the internet is the back-up system, making this well worth grabbing onto.

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