The best way to get traffic to your Clickbank Affiliate Product is of course with your own website but if you are just starting out and have limited money then this may not always be an option.  So here is what you should do.

Use a free Blog service like and create your promotional squeeze page there.  You will then need to do either some classifieds ads postings at Gumtree and Craigslist or you can use article directories and write short 300-500 word articles with useful information about your product and then at the end provide them with a link that links back to your Blogger article.

The best Article Directories to use are

Another place I have had a lot of success when I first started out in Clickbank Affiliate promotion was  Hubpages is a social media site where you write hubs on topics that you have knowledge in and you can provide links back to your site in the links section on that hub.  I have actually got a useful guide which you can read at the Hubpages Expert.

If you are new to Clickbank and are still trying to work out exactly how to create hoplinks and link them on your website etc then you should read The Ultimate Supertip Ebook.

Another great way to promote your articles is through Youtube (video marketing), there is also  These video marketing sites get millions of visits daily and can be an absolute cashcow with the right Clickbank product.

As you start earning money from your Clickbank affiliate sales it is recommended that you reinvest and start first getting a website of your very own together and also using Press Releases to bring traffic to your Clickbank products, this will give you much wider exposure and be able to target specific events such as Christmas or Easter or 2012 for instance.