Last month I made over $1,000 writing for EzineArticles.  This was done through just a few money making methods online and now we are at just the 2nd June 2010 and I have already made $120 with EzineArticles for this month.  I know it is EzineArticles traffic making me the money as I have Google Analytics installed and also pages on my website where I only get traffic from EzineArticles. 

Article Marketing has been around for a number of years but a lot of people rarely ever get it right when it comes to making money with it.  I wanted to share a few names of Article Internet Marketers who use EzineArticles to get masses of traffic to their Money Making Websites.  Quite a number of these marketers are making 6 figures yearly and not low 6 figures either, we are talking mid to high 6 figure income with 2 of them rumoured to be making 7 figures yearly.  That is over $1 million dollars every single year through using Article Marketing and Affiliate Programs to deliver top notch information to their customers and have their customers lining up with their wallets out wanting more.  If you think about names like Ewen Chia.  Ewen Chia is involved in a lot of Affiliate Programs and one that comes to mind is GDI (Global Domains International).

Fabian Tan is another Internet Marketer who uses EzineArticles to bring traffic to his multiple money making websites and he is making a ton of traffic and money through writing articles.  Check out 700+ visitors a day using these traffic methods.

Sean R Mize is a top Expert Author on EzineArticles and he writes about a lot of SEO topics and building backlinks.  Sean currently has over 23,000 articles with EzineArticles.  Just imagine the traffic that is bringing him in!!!

Lance Winslow is another top expert author with EzineArticles.  Now I find Lance a very interesting article writer as he writes about a whole lot of different topics, from business to for example an article he wrote recently labelled “How Long Does it Take to Wash a Small Cessna Aircraft – Airplane Cleaning 101”.  Building Traffic does take effort and he has shown through 20,000 articles that he has put in the effort.

Willox Perez has a lot of EzineArticles as well.  Willox is the owner of the Work In Your Underwear website which is basically all about GDI (Global Domains International).  You will often see Willox on the GDI Leaderboards as well.

I also write for EzineArticles and have only a small amount of articles so far but I am building backlinks to them which will mean that instead of writing 20,000+ articles to get a ton of traffic I have taken a different approach and that is to build quality traffic backlinks.

If you would like to see the methods I used to generate $1000+ last month in Affiliate Revenue using EzineArticles then visit Internet Marketing using EzineArticles

Clickbank, GDI and Harvey Segals Supertips are all Affiliate Programs of some kind.  There are 1000’s of different Affiliate Programs around and you should find one that is suitable to your niche.