Buying and Selling Cars For Profit Is Easier Than You Think…(but ONLY if you know the insider secrets).

And I’m about to lay it all on the table for you right now.

Why? you ask…

I’ll tell you why later. But for now, let me show you how this can potentially and radically change your financial future.

Best part, you can get started from home, without a dealers license and with as little as $500-$1,000 in seed money.

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6 Best Cars To Buy And Sell for Profit

How many cars can you buy and sell in a year in nsw?

You can buy and sell up 5 cars in a year in N.S.W but you really need to get a dealers licence to keep on selling.  The fees are $1124.50 for 1 year or $2105 for 3 years.

You are also subject to capital gains tax on buying and selling cars and the law seems pretty unclear if that means that if you have a private car for private use and sell it and happen to make a profit that you would be liable to pay some tax on the profit.