It seems like a dream doesn’t it? To become a Youtube Sensation or Superstar and make money online doing what you love. Well this has become a reality for quite a few Youtube members and the number climbs daily.

Basically these people have a passion, they have turned this passion into a full time job posting videos on Youtube which they then make money out of through the Google Advertising Program.

So how much money can you make posting a daily video to Youtube?

The sky is the limit when it comes to making money online and especially with a social media platform such as Youtube. The is an endless amount of companies looking to promote their products and company and use the Google Advertising Program as part of that strategy.

So let’s take a look at a few subscribers that I currently follow. One is The Slap Train a gaming vlogger with 1 million subscribers who gives you an in depth look at the latest games and what he is interested in playing. This is across a few platforms including PC games through Steam.

Personally I loved the Mad Max videos that he posted. The best part and the reason why these people are making money out of this is that after watching a few of these videos I just had to go out to my local EB Games store and pick up a copy of Mad Max on Xbox One. Knowing only a little about The Slap Trains personal story I can tell you that as of around 12 months ago he was able to quit his job and take to the Youtube Game for a full time job. This is a dream that a lot of gamers would love to be living. The Slap Train also does the occasional car V-LOG which I find entertaining. Beautiful car by the way, always have loved the Nissan V35 (Skyline).

You can find all of The Slap Trains details across different social media platforms below.
Hamilton ON
L8E 5B2
XBL= The SLAP Train
Steam = The_SLAP_Train
Twitter = SLAP_Train
Instagram = peter2003G35
PSN = SLAP_Train
Website/Forums =

Ok so next we have a Youtuber named That Dude In Blue. Now this again I found through looking up my interests on Youtube which just so happen to be cars, mainly performance cars. This guy has to be bringing in some decent coin through his many videos and a lot of them are around 100,000 views. 2 of my favourite videos would have to be the Nasty 530 Horsepower Terminator Cobra Review (Mustang) and the 1000HP Toyota Supra (would of loved to put that motor in the Cressida)

That Dude In Blue also has close to 500,000 subscribers. That means that when he uploads a video he is already ahead of the game given that his subscribers view the videos and contribute to the views count on that video post. This is miles ahead of someone uploading their first video on Youtube and hoping to have it go viral through other social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.

You can find out more about him below:

There are many other Youtube Channels where Youtubers are making a ton of cash and it is all about having a passion for something and finding a market for it. So how much could these Youtubers possibly be making? Well the rule of thumb currently is that they earn around $7 per 1,000 views on a video. Now that number will definitely change depending on the niche your video is in, but for a sake of this study let’s just say they are earning $7 per 1,000 views.

$7 per 100 views and some of these videos get 50,000 views within 24 hours so 7 X 50 = $350.

Not bad if you are uploading a new video everyday. Not to mention that you are still earning passively on your older aging videos that are still being shared around the web.