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One of the best ways to gain more traffic is to build backlinks. When you build backlinks you attract traffic in 2 ways. One being that you attract traffic through the backlink whereever it is that you place it and 2 you gain traffic from hopefully appearing higher in the search engine rankings.

Another way is to have relvant tags linked internally to your hubs. Always research the tags before publishing a hub. You can add them afterwards but I don’t like to do this as you miss out on people who have looked through the latest hubs and yours wont appear in this section if you published it months ago and are now only going back to look at the tags and add any that you feel are related to your Hub. You will lose critial visitors if you do it back the front.

It is easier just to fully research what you need for your hub before you even start it so that your Hub has the best chance of getting to the top for both “best hubs” and the “hot hubs”

You can also use the keyword insert “hot hubs” and also the keyword insert “best hubs” to see the best performing hubs in the search engines.

Also try and use anchor text backlinks when linking to your Hubs if at all possible as it gains more popularity in the search engines.