If you have visited Career-reports.com which promotes the Home Wealth Solution showing a stay at home mom earning $379 a day online with google, it is a scam.  DO NOT get tricked into buying into this.  They make the appearance of the website look like a genuine news site but when you click on sports, local news, etc it all just redirects you to the Home Wealth Solutions package, where they pretend there is limited numbers of people that can apply to these packages.

They then charge you $19.95 to start making money online, which unless you already know a bit about affiliate marketing online you will never make any money using this.  There is ways to make money online through surveys, etc but the truth is that there is also a lot of scams out there and even some of the survey ones are scams or require you to fill out hundreds and sometimes thousands of surveys just to qualify for a payout.

I have been involved in affiliate marketing online for a few years now and have seen just about every scam in the book.  The Home Wealth Solution may not look like a scam given that they allow you 60 days to apply for a refund but getting that refund could prove very difficult.  They are run from what I can see through a third party payment processor like Clickbank called Plimus.

On the website there is a contact email address you can email if you have been tricked into buying this package and require your 60 day refund.  The email address is support@homewealthsolution.com
If you don’t recieve a timely response and refund from them you can go direct to Plimus and put in a complaint.  Visit Plimus.com for more details.

You can also help get this website looked into by report it to the ftc Complains Assistant at www.ftccomplaintsassistant.gov

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