Harvey Segal is a very successful Internet Marketer with Clickbank. Now for those who don’t know what Clickbank is all about, basically it is a company that has been formed for both affiliates and publishers to come together and help each other.

So how does it work? A publisher will signup with Clickbank with a product that they wish to be marketed. Most publishers are not Internet Marketers and just simply want to get people to sell their products and in return they give them part of the commission.
An affiliate comes along and finds the publishers products that interest them and start marketing them. When a sale is made the Publisher receives a certain percentage of the sale, the affiliate received a percentage and Clickbank as the payment processor receives a percentage.
You will find that some products on Clickbank have an affiliate percentage of 75.0%. The publisher relies on a flood of affiliate marketers to sell their products so that they can pick up the other 25.0% of the sale less any fees that Clickbank charges.

A lot of people get a little worried by the concept that a publisher would give 3/4 of the sale to the seller and brush it off as just being another Internet scam. What you need to understand in Internet Marketing is because generally the overheads are very low and with Clickbank in general there is no physical product it is actually rewarding for the publisher as well to only get 25.0% of the sale and I will explain why.

Affiliates want the best value for money. They usually have the higher overheads as they have to concentrate on marketing the product to an audience that is interested. This is done through various methods such as PPC marketing, article writing, blogging, mailing lists, upsells, their own product bundles etc. Affiliates who see a product that they know they can sell and it has a 75.0% payout they will be more likely to signup. It has been proven that affiliates are 4 times more likely to take the 75.0% product over a 50.0% payout product. That can mean that the publisher has 4 times as many affiliates working for them making sales on a daily basis. Do the maths already with 4 times the amount of affiliates working for them and grabbing those sales they are already making more money than the publisher who wants 50% of each individual sale.

Clickbank is a huge company with over 10,000 products for you to market. If you would like to know more then you can visit Clickbank

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