Hi my name is Benjamin King and I have been marketing GDI with a free GDI Downline Builder, actually it is a marketing system called The Bear Marketing System .  What the Bear Marketing System does is bring together several different Affiliate Programs and allows you to promote all of them with the same link.  By doing this you are able to achieve signups not only in Global Domains but also in all of the other affiliate programs and only as if you were promoting the one program. 

The Bear Marketing System helps you market GDI (Global Domains International), PeopleString, Aweber and VIP Forums.

It works because it is FREE and allows people to easily provide something of value to their members.  People don’t always want to sign up to GDI when you promote it on its own but as soon as you show them a marketing system like this one where they can use their GDI website to promote several affiliate programs all at the same time then they suddenly become a whole lot more interested.

You can sign up for your Free Bear Marketing System here.