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As an Affiliate Marketer I know the importance of having different affiliate programs to work with and one of the best out there would have to be Clickbank.  The range of products to choose from and promote is massive and there is a niche there for almost any market you can possibly think of.  Just for example I was looking through this morning at the top performing products and here is what I found.

The top 8 performing Clickbank Products currently are these:

Steve Iser’s Commission Crusher

Google Sniper 2.0 by George Brown

Auto Click Profits –

Profit Monarch 3in1 Software Suite  By Paul Ponna – This is the same guy behind the Miracle Traffic Bot software you may be familiar with from 2010.

Satellite Direct TV to PC software –  – Huge seller on Clickbank for years now.

Reverse Phone Lookup People Search, Email Search, Family History Search – – Another top selling clickbank product for more than 2 years. – Instant Cash Empire

The Diet Solution Program – The Number 1 seller in Health on Clickbank currently.

These are the top 8 clickbank products currently with gravity between 300 and 750.  This means that there is a huge number of active affiliates selling these products with a few of these top 8 actually being top products for not just a few weeks but years and years.  2 examples of this are the Satellite Tv to Pc software and the Reverse Phone Lookup People Search product.  The main reason for these 2 products doing so well is because they are providing a cheap service to their customers for knowledge and services that people want at a cheap price.

With the cost of living people are switching from cable tv to a one time payment where they can watch as much tv as they want and never have to pay those recurring monthly fees that come with cable tv.

You will notice a number of Internet Marketing products make up the top 8 within Clickbanks top products.  A lot of these products tend to come and go and the high gravity can be caused by a huge promotion through local Internet Marketing forums and joint ventures such as the use of the Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forums.

I find that promoting some of these top 8 products can be at times very hit and miss and especially if I am going to promote with Hubpages, I like a product that is going to have high gravity and sales for the longterm rather than a few weeks given that it takes time to rank well within the search engines for various keywords.