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Anyone new to GDI may not yet know how the top names all get on the leaderboards.  If it is Fast team growth with GDI you are after you may want to get involved in one of the free marketing systems that are on offer.  There is quite a number of free marketing systems for GDI at the moment including the Spiderweb marketing system and Brian Bears Bear Marketing System.  Tissa Godavitarne also has one called the ACME People Search. 

The Spiderweb Marketing System is by a marketer called Kimball Roundy who is the founder of Roundgoods Consulting LLC.  This marketing system has been around for about 2 years now and has made a lot of affiliates with GDI very successful in this time.  In fact before Brian Bear got started on his very own marketing system he also used the Spiderweb Marketing System to attract people into GDI.  The Spiderweb Marketing System is 100% free to join, you only have to pay for GDI if you choose to sign up.  I do recommend signing up to GDI though if you plan on using the marketing system as this is where the majority of the money is made.  Membership for GDI costs just $10 per month and if you have just 10 people in your downline which runs 5 levels deep then the membership is paying for itself.  It is easy to get 10+ people into the system as well considering you are giving away a free marketing system in the first place to attract them to GDI (Global Domains International)

You can signup for GDI or just find out more information about it by visiting GDI Training Team